As the Career Coaching and Career Development professions expand rapidly, individuals are looking for someone to help them find their “career calling” / purpose and position themselves for a competitive job search given current economic conditions.  The Certified Career Management Coach program provides Career Coaches the tools to help job seekers find fun, fulfillment, and financial rewards in their work.

Career Coach Academy Programs:

Job Search Academy offers an innovative learning model that provides you with a unique opportunity to receive coaching and training tailored to your particular needs and interests. Our Job Search Strategist Program is a sophisticated and systematic program that goes DEEP into the best job search practices.

The Certified Tough Transitions Career Coach Program will give you a proven process and targeted techniques to help clients from unemployment, under-employment, or un-happy employment. The Successful Life-to-Work Tough Transitions course focuses on the enduring approaches that make for smooth transition back to work and current techniques for people transitioning back to work. The Successful Work-to-Work Tough Transitions course focuses on the enduring approaches for tough career transitions.

Job Search Academy Programs:

At Leadership Coach Academy, you’ll gain competencies to:

  • Foster leadership development, talent management, and succession planning.
  • Coach for continual performance improvement, peak productivity, and transformation!
  • Resolve employee conflicts promptly and professionally.
  • Use a variety of assessments (leadership, work behavior, team building, stress management, career development, and more).

Leadership coach training is your solution for coach training, whether you’re an HR/OD/career development professional or an experienced coach interested in corporate/executive coach training.

Leadership Coach Academy Programs:

At Career Marketing Academy, coaches will learn the latest trends, tools, and tips to help their clients be successful using the latest Web 2.0+ tools.  The Certified Get Clear, Get Found, Get Hired (G3)! Coach focuses on understanding the importance of brands, with Reach 360 Certification instructional materials included in the course.

Our Certified Social Media Career Strategist is comprised of three sub-courses and designed to provide coaches the knowledge to harness the power of today’s social media.  The Online Professional Networking Strategist class focuses exclusively on LinkedIn, keeping coaches current with the latest job search trends & technologies in the social search.  The Microblogging Career Strategist class will help coaches leverage time and master the fundamentals of Twitter.  The Social Networking Career Strategist class teaches strategies for maximizing a client’s Facebook presence while managing their time efficiently.

Career Marketing Academy Programs:


Christian Coach Academy provides training for coaches who are:

  • working with job seekers in a church ministry setting
  • guiding people through a career transition or job search in the Christian field
  • believers with a strong faith interested in advancing their coaching career to the next level

Approximately one a year, we offer the Certified Career Management Coach course with a Christian foundation.  The self-paced Careers Crash Course for Ministry Leaders is designed for those working with job seekers in a church ministry setting.

Christian Coach Academy Programs:

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