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Now is the perfect time to launch a new website or blog with WordPress and here is a great solution to get you there. Jarupa offers a basic and advanced course in WordPress which includes live training, hands-on explanations and a printed workbook, as well as well as your very own WordPress installation and choice of theme. Attendees will also receive the book UnMarketing by Scott Stratten – what a bonus! This is a very good deal people! You can learn more about this course at http://www.jarupa.com.

We are always looking for new and innovative resources to help you grow your business and we stumbled on this one recently – check out http://www.jarupa.com. Jarupa offers training programs on the latest technology tools like WordPress, email marketing, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These are the tools that can make the biggest impact in your business right now. Jarupa is sponsored by One Lily Creative, an award winning web design company specializing in simple, bold and beautiful solutions for small business. Visit http://www.jarupa.com to learn more.

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