Certified Brain-Based Success Coach (CBBSC)

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ICF Approval: This 15-session (22-hour) program is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a part of our Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).

    • Do you have clients who are stuck, stalled, or unhappy with their progress?
    • What would your business/career look like if you could help take your clients’ success (as well as your own!) to the next level?
  • What would happen if you could leverage the recent research in brain-based techniques to help clients undo old habits, gain empowering insights, and “rewire to go higher”?

The Details:

See our calendar or call/email Rachel Grima at 559-547-8200 or rachel@theacademies.com for upcoming dates and times.

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A new sophisticated and systematic program that leverages new brain-based research to “train your brain for gain!

  • Neuroplasticity—what it takes to rewire limiting beliefs and develop an open mindset; “what we focus on grows”
  • Perspective & Internal Narratives—how our internal stories either undermine us or undergird us … and what to do about it
  • Mood Management—the science behind how negative emotions cannibalize our mental capacity and physical health
  • Strengths—identifying, growing, and leveraging the coach’s and clients’ strengths; the neural basis of why strengths work
  • Neuroception—the staggering implications of a “threat” vs “safety” perspective and how it impacts our ability to flourish
  • Thought-Action Focus—how “meaning-making” and morality can motivate and sustain us
  • Complexity of Mind—how the “socialized” mind vs “self-authoring” vs “self-transforming” mind impact success
  • Uncertainty—Uncertainty typically triggers stress—learn how to train your brain to befriend uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Engagement with Others—using “brain coupling” to deepen trust and relationships with networking contacts, employers, etc.
  • Resilience—brain-friendly tips and techniques to shorten bounce-back time and “routinize” new success habits
  • Control Continuum—the strategy to shift clients from blaming others/circumstances to “owning” their success

(Program content may be modified.)

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