Certified Brain-Friendly Job Search Coach

certified-brain-friendly-job-search-coach_200Research in positive psychology, human performance, and neuroscience has led to brain-friendly coach techniques that can move students forward faster.

Do you have students who are . . .  

  • Sabotaging their success?
  • Driving their networking contacts away?
  • Feeling discouraged that their job search isn’t turning out the way they’d hoped?
  • Experiencing overwhelm from the demands of school and how little time there is to do their job search?

Learn Simple Brain-Friendly Coaching Principles

  • “Red Zone” vs “Blue Zone” – how our brain-body chemistry directly impacts our ability to see possibilities, be decisive, take action, and engage with others.
  • Brain-based reasons behind why students often become narrow-minded in their approach (e.g., the student who says, “I only want investment banking with Goldman Sachs”)
  • International Students – understand the extra brain-based challenges of coaching international students … and help them recognize how to rewire their thinking to align with North American business protocol.
  • Focus and Decision-Making – the decision criteria that the brain really uses to make decisions, and how to help students understand and leverage this … how neural dissonance creates procrastination and hesitation … and how to recognize it and coach through it.
  • And more!

Brain Hacks to Improve Networking

  • What your students/job-seekers MUST know about the subtle signals your students may unknowingly be giving off that cause networking contacts to shift into a fight-flight, defensive-avoidance posture.
  • Brain-friendly ‘reframing’ techniques to shift your students’ perspective of networking from a quantitative, transaction-based task to a qualitative, relationship-based approach.

Helping the Overwhelmed and Downspiraling Job Seeker

  • Brain-friendly strategies to help students overcome overwhelm and competing priorities.
  • Brain hacks to better prioritize job-search activities (often relegated to the “important, not urgent” quadrant of students’ lives in the midst of academic studies).
  • The surprising and free technique that research has proven to stop self-defeating mental chatter.

Brain-Friendly Interviewing Strategies

  • Visualization, mindfulness, and other brain-friendly strategies used by Navy SEALS and elite athletes to stay calm, cool, and collected to perform under pressure.
  • The brain-based reason behind why students “freeze” or go “blank” in an interview…and what to do about it.
  • How to use stories and other techniques to “brain couple” with interviewers and deepen rapport, trust, and bonds.

Withdrawal Policy

Should you need to withdraw, the following options are available:

  • Transfer Option: Should you want to retake the course, with a starting date within 12 months of the original starting date (subject to space availability) – a $100 administrative fee applies and an additional charge equal to the difference in price if the program has increased in investment.
  • Withdrawal Option: Receive a refund equal to 90% of tuition (if withdrawing before class 3 – note that upon notifying us of withdrawal, we ask you to delete the program handouts website page and any files you have downloaded); no refund available after class 3.

Ready to Register? Click HERE!

The next program begins Thursday, December 8th, 7:00am – 9:00am PT/10:00am – 12:00pm ET. We have 4 seats left!

On the registration page, you will have the option to earn either a certificate or credential. The certificate does not include mentor coaching. The credential includes 5 mentor coaching sessions with Founder and CEO, Susan Whitcomb.

If you have any questions about these options or the program, please email Rachel Grima at Rachel@theacademies.com or call (559) 547-8200.

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