Certified Social Media Career Strategist

Frequently Asked Questions About the Certified Social Media Career Strategist Program

The Certified Social Media Career Strategist Program will reveal revolutionary social media strategies to shift your job-search clients from being “the hunter” to “the hunted.” It will position you as a cutting-edge career provider!! And it will add an important new revenue stream to your business!!!

How to Become a Certified Social Media Career Strategist:

To earn the Certified Social Media Career Strategist credential, you must complete The Academies’ 12-week social media training program, including extensive information on:

  • Online Professional Networking (LinkedIn)
  • Microblogging Career Strategy (Twitter)
  • Social Networking Career Strategy (Facebook)
  • SEO+ Social Networking Strategy (Google+)
  • Plus BONUS material on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube!

At the end of the 12-week program, you will be required to complete a multiple-choice written exam, and receive a 70% passing score.

Should additional important social media tools become available in the future that The Academies offers training for,  maintenance of your “Certified Social Media Career Strategist” credential will require completion of the new training at the time your credential renewal is due.

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No special computer technology is required, although it is highly recommended that you have a computer for downloading the course materials and receiving email. For your comfort, we recommend that you purchase a good quality telephone headset. You may want to use a telephone that is not dependent on a battery charge.

Program Content:

  • LinkedIn – Optimize client profiles and improve data mining and engagement strategy
  • Facebook – Leverage the social nuances of Facebook to build your clients’ online presence
  • Twitter – Manage time on Twitter with a time-table to get up-and-running, and then a routine to get in, get out, and get great exposure in the process.
  • Google+ – Understand how clients can utilize Google+ to create a top-notch online identity and circumvent common obstacles related to sourcing warm leads
  • Pinterest – Build engaging visual and virtual pin boards to market a client’s brand.
  • Instagram – Uncover the power of images and learn how to integrate them across social media platforms.
  • YouTube – Create a multi-media platform for clients even if they are camera shy!
  • And more!

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SM4SSocial Media for Skeptics & Non-Social Media Enthusiasts!

Perhaps you realize that social media has become an important part of a job search strategy and your clients have begun to ask if you can help them with their LinkedIn profiles. Or maybe, up until now, you’ve dabbled on LinkedIn or perhaps Facebook or Twitter, but haven’t taken the full plunge. You’re still trying to figure out which site is good for who and why. You’re not alone. Dissecting the myriad of social networking sites can be daunting, confusing, and time consuming.

In this 90-minute class, you will gain a solid understanding of the four top social networking sites and learn how to incorporate high-level job search strategies across all four sites. More specifically:

  1. LinkedIn: Keys to writing a stand-out, optimized LinkedIn profile, and getting decision makers to listen to what your clients have to say.
  2. Facebook: How to transform Facebook from a network of friends to an army of advocates for a client’s job search.
  3. Twitter: Methods for taming the noise on Twitter and focusing strategically on the influencers that can help your clients’ careers soar.
  4. Google+ Why Google+ is not just another social network and how your clients can leverage it to create a top-notch online identity.

Social Media for Skeptics and Non Social Media Enthusiasts for $97
(Pre-recorded Event)

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