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Surprising to many career coaches and job seekers, Facebook is fast creeping up on LinkedIn as the most popular social media tool for recruiting! (JobVite social media survey, 2011). Are your clients leveraging this tool?

Facebook boasts more than 500 million active users and claims collective usage of over 700 billion minutes per month. Yet despite these impressive statistics, Facebook remains the “poor stepchild” of the social media landscape as it relates to job search. Many job seekers view Facebook as a frivolous time suck or a tool of another generation and are missing out on a valuable job search strategy and a key component of their online identity and social media presence.  Join Barbara Safani for this six-week program where you will learn valuable strategies for leveraging Facebook to get your clients noticed and also take away some great tips for creating a Facebook presence for yourself that builds your company’s social media footprint.

What you can expect to learn:

  • How to reverse client perception that Facebook is “just for kids” or only valuable for personal networking.
  • Tips for creating better profiles, fan pages, and company pages.
  • How to build engagement and dialog and create community.
  • How to leverage the social nuances of Facebook to build your clients’ online presence.
  • Strategies for keeping client information safe on Facebook.
  • Recommendations for managing time and messaging on Facebook.
  • How to add a new revenue stream to your business by offering Facebook profile development, maintenance, and consulting services.

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We “meet” from the comfort of home/office via Teleseminar/Webinar for 12 weeks. The group training will meet 12 weeks via phone,  2 hours, ONCE a week. Total class hours are 24 hours. All sessions will be recorded and accessible for you after the call.  This class is application-based … meaning you’ll learn skills and follow along with a webinar and PowerPoint – a “watch, learn, practice, and apply” methodology … so that the skills can be directly taught to (& used with) job seekers / career professionals / etc.  The 12-week program allows you the time and framework to assimilate, practice and execute the new systems, strategies, and communication styles learned.


No special computer technology is required, although it is highly recommended that you have a computer for downloading the course materials and receiving email. For your comfort, we recommend that you purchase a good quality telephone headset. You may want to use a telephone that is not dependent on a battery charge.

Time Commitment:

Outside of class-time hours, there will likely be very little reading pre-class material. Participants may want to spend additional time implementing new concepts learned in class, but it will be up to you how much time you spend on that.

Does This Include Certification?

The Social Networking Career Strategist 6-week training results in the designation of “Social Networking Career Strategist” with a beautiful logo of the same name. It does not result in a certification. It does, however, count toward earning The Academies’ designation of “Certified Social Media Career Strategist.


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Here are a few tips from our instructor, social media author and career expert Barbara Safani, on how to leverage Facebook for job seekers (and your business!):

  • Tip 1:  Create a Facebook company page to track key audience demographics and learn what people are saying about you. When creating your page, keep in mind that engagement is key and a mix of text, pictures, audio, and video work best.
  • Tip 2:  Writing a confusing or cliff hanger status update can increase engagement between friends while making you the center of attention.
  • Tip 3:  Mix business and personal messaging on Facebook to engage various friend groups and optimize conversations.

Barbara Safani, Social Networking Career Strategist Program Instructor

Barbara Safani was an early adopter of social media and she was one of the first professionals in the careers industry to create a comprehensive strategy for leveraging online identity and social media tools to accelerate job search campaigns. Barbara is a Reach Certified Online Identity Strategist and she has helped thousands of job seekers harness the power of tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, ZoomInfo, and Twitter to optimize search time and land faster. She is the author of Online Identity & Networking Tools: A Guide to 50+ Social Media Sites, and a recognized speaker and blogger on social media job search strategy. To learn more about Barbara visit her website She can be contacted at



Great and timely content!  Expert instructor!  I will be definitely using the knowledge I’ve learned to enhance my company’s service offerings, but more importantly give my clients access to an under-utilized venue in their job search strategy!  A course that is definitely worthy of your time to persue. – Ana Paret

Susan Whitcomb does it again, who knew you could teach Facebook as a career strategy and not only make it so relevant for job seekers, but also give career coaches insights on how to use it as an additional revenue stream. – Kathleen DiMario, MA, CCMC

I’m a latecomer to Facebook but after taking the Social Networking Career Strategist class, I feel inspired (and prepared) to make social networking work for my business and my clients. – Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC, Noteworthy Resume & Career Services, LLC


How to Become a Certified Social Media Career Strategist

To earn the Certified Social Media Career Strategist credential, you must complete The Academies’ 12-week social media training program, including extensive information on:

  • Online Professional Networking (LinkedIn)
  • Microblogging Career Strategy (Twitter)
  • Social Networking Career Strategy (Facebook), and
  • SEO+ Social Networking Strategy (Google+)
  • Plus BONUS material on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube!

At the end of the 12-week program, you will be required to complete a multiple-choice written exam, and receive a 70% passing score.

Should additional important social media tools become available in the future that The Academies offers training for,  maintenance of your “Certified Social Media Career Strategist” credential will require completion of the new training at the time your credential renewal is due.

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