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Frequently Asked Questions About the Certified Tough Transitions Career Coach Program

ICF CEU Credit: The CTTCC program has been granted Continuing Education (CCE) credit by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for 18 hours of Core Competencies and 6 hours of Resource Development. Note that half of those credits (9 hours of Core Competencies and 3 hours of Resource Development) are granted for the 6-week life-to-work session and the remaining half are granted for the 6-week work-to-work session.

The Certified Tough Transitions Career Coach is comprised of two 6-week sessions:

The Successful Life-to-Work Tough Transitions course focuses on the enduring approaches that make for smooth transition back to work and current techniques for people transitioning back to work in today’s tough environment. Delivered by Elisabeth Sanders-Park, author of ‘No One Is Unemployable’ and ‘The 6 Reasons You’ll Get the Job’, with her hallmark blend of relentless hope and passionate practicality, this course will give you new and lasting confidence, flexibility, and success as a cutting-edge career provider to the growing number of people going back to work by choice or by force!!

What You Can Expect to Learn

Benefits for both you and your clients:

  • A reliable, proven 5-step process to help clients at all levels smoothly transition from life to work.
  • How the International Coach Federation (ICF) coaching competencies are used to fortify your coaching partnership and interaction with clients making tough life-to-work transitions.
  • Targeted techniques for clients making the following life-to-work transitions:
    • Family Scenarios, including returning to work after parenting, caretaking, divorce, death of a family member, and marriage. BONUS: Strategies for trailing spouses.
    • Financial Scenarios, including long-term unemployment, bankruptcy, loss of home/foreclosure, and bad credit. Bonus: Strategies for chronic welfare dependence.
    • Recovery from injury, illness, or disability. BONUS: Strategies for recovering addicts.
    • Emotional Scenarios, including depression, mental illness, and disengagement or resistance toward job searching and working.
    • Legal Scenarios, including accusations, arrests, convictions, Internal Affairs investigations, incarceration, non-custodial parents, restitution, and conditions of parole.
    • Gaps in Employment, including strategies for current gaps, past gaps, and returning from retirement. BONUS: Strategies for recent relocation.

Other benefits you’ll receive:

  • 5-Step Framework that has helped thousands of jobseekers find their motivation to work and implement very practical strategies to impress decision makers
  • 3 subtle but important levels of motivation to discover
  • 3 steps to uncover and reduce the client’s fears & shift them into confident action
  • A 3-part model to clarify job and career direction
  • 4 techniques the client can use to prove they can do the job
  • A 5-step process for saying the hard things to clients in a supportive way
  • 6 very practical solution tools to overcome barriers
  • 4 keys to unlock “side doors”
  • 4 strategies to decide how to search
  • Dozens of examples clients can use to “language” responses to barriers

Life-to-Work Tough Transitions Course
1 payment of $1,297 or 2 payments of $667
OR, register for both the Life-to-Work Course and Work-to-Work Course, Earn the Certification & Save
1 payment of $1,997 or 4 payments of $525

How To Receive Training:

Attend class (or review audio archives each week if unable to make the live class), complete the Learning Review upon program completion, and maintain your certification by registering for and completing an every-other-year update class.


We “meet” from the comfort of home/office via Teleseminar for 6 weeks. The group training will meet 6 weeks via phone, 120 mins, ONCE a week on the appointed day of week. Total class hours are 12 hours. All sessions will be recorded and accessible for you after the call. This class is application-based … meaning you’ll learn skills and follow along with the handouts – a “watch, learn, practice, and apply” methodology … so that the skills can be directly taught to (& used with) job seekers. The 6-week program allows you the time and framework to assimilate, practice and execute the new strategies learned.


Join Elisabeth Sanders-Park, America’s tough career transitions expert, author of the L.A. Times Top 10 Career Book “No One Is Unemployable” and “The 6 Reasons you’ll Get the Job.”

See our calendar or email Shelly Cantrell at Shelly@TheAcademies.com for upcoming dates and times.


Class sessions are done via teleseminar. You will call into a telephone bridge line. You will need a computer for obtaining email and downloading handouts. Also, if you don’t already have one, purchase a good quality telephone headset and use a telephone that is not dependent on a battery charge.

Time Commitment:

In addition to class-time hours, you will likely need to spend between one to two hours each week for reading pre-class material and practicing implementation of concepts between classes. Participants from other certification programs report spending additional time implementing new coaching and marketing concepts learned in class (e.g., revising their web site to include job search coaching services; writing value statements to articulate the return-on-investment that coaching clients receive; setting aside “think” time to envision the direction they’d like to take their business, etc.) – and we expect this will be the case for the Certified Tough Transitions Program as well.

Does This Include Certification?

To earn the Certified Tough Transitions Career Coach, you must complete The Academies’ two 6-week Tough Transitions training courses:

Complete both courses to become a Certified Tough Transitions Career Coach. This allows you to display the unique CTTCC logo and market yourself as a “Certified Tough Transitions Career Coach.” Each course offers great learning and continuing education hours, and can be completed separately from the Certification.

This certification includes a beautifully designed unique logo. To earn the certification as a “Certified Tough Transitions Career Coach,” Register now and save nearly $700!

Life-to-Work Tough Transitions Course
1 payment of $1,297 or 2 payments of $667
OR, register for both the Life-to-Work Course and Work-to-Work Course, Earn the Certification & Save
1 payment of $1,997 or 4 payments of $525

Email Shelly for more details: Shelly@TheAcademies.com

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