Testimonials About Susan Britton Whitcomb

Susan, I met you last fall at the NRWA conference. I am happy to report I am now doing resume writing full-time. When I took advantage of your training offer and signed up for your G3 coaching class, you wrote a very kind note in my book, The Twitter Job Search Guide, about succeeding one client at a time. I took your advice to heart and have been doing just that! I am excited about starting the class, and if the book is any kind of precursor (and I was only halfway through) to what we’ll learn about personal branding I know it will make me an even better writer.

— Michelle Robin

Susan, thank you for continuing to change the world one step at a time by making a difference in the lives of others. You are an amazing person, I am so grateful to know and admire you.

— Roxan Park

The Career Coach Academy and Susan Whitcomb [are] the best of the best! And I would also highly recommend taking the Refresher Course if you became a CCMC several years ago. I enjoyed and learned so much with the new materials being offered. I’ve been in business over ten years and this training is excellent.

— Kit Prendergast, PCC, CCMC

Working with Susan, and studying Career Coaching under her leadership, has been perhaps the most useful and helpful training which I have received as a Coach. Susan’s gentle perceptiveness, her generosity of time and materials, and her un-matched expertise, made the Coarse work fun, valuable, and eventually profitable for me. It takes time and work and persistence to accomplish big goals; but Susan is with you on this journey, encouraging, championing, cheer-leading, as you push yourself to new heights. I am so very grateful to you, Susan, and thank you for your kindness and expertise throughout this season of my life.

— Carol L (Career Coach, SF Bay Area)

From the smallest tweet to the largest conference to an international webinar, Susan Whitcomb’s encouraging and dedicated presence surrounds and influences job seekers and professional career coaches in the most supportive and comprehensive way. Susan listens deeply and has great wisdom. Her programs, books, and teleconferences reflect her understanding and thoughtful approach in this demanding job market. Her passion transforms careers and moves beyond boundaries into vast possibilities.

— Linda Van Valkenburgh, M.S., CCMC

I have completed three certifications (CCMC, CJSS, & OPNS) from the Career Coach Academy/The Academies and continue to be a big fan of Susan. I have been impressed, and continue to be impressed, by the quality and professionalism in which Susan runs her organization. Having been coached by Susan personally, I can attest to the absolute mastery that Susan possesses in the coaching field. Susan’s knowledge, passion, dedication, insight, and professional background are second to none. If you are considering any coach training in the future, I would highly encourage you to not settle for anything less than Susan and The Academies.

— Randy VanderVaate, Certified Professional Career & Life Coach, CGCS, CCMC, CJSS, OPNS

I can always spot [Susan’s] hand in the products [she] introduces. Somehow, [she manages] to combine exceptional breadth and depth of concepts and options with up-to-the-minute currency. I know that comes from an enormous amount of work on [her] part. But please believe me, such quality is rare indeed.

— Don Orlando, MBA, CPRW, JCTC, CCM, CCMC

Goodness, I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll keep it simple. I loved [this] class! I found myself looking forward each week to spending “my special time” with [Susan] and my classmates. [Her] style as a facilitator is very welcoming, non-judgmental, and accepting. And [her] course is structured and organized so beautifully, with plenty of very thorough and well-researched materials. I learned so much about myself (and of course career coaching) during [this] course. Most of all, I appreciate [her] generosity in sharing so much of [her] wisdom and experience with us.

— Janet Cranford, LCSW, CCMC

[Susan] is truly gifted in [her] encouraging, optimistic and caring approach in working with others. I appreciate all that [she has] given of [herself] to my class and growth as a career coach. It has been great working with [her]. It is evident [she has] put [herself] into all that makes up the Academy. I am amazed at the comprehensiveness of the program from start to finish.

— Kathy J. Susman, MA, MPA, CCMC

I once told a prospective career coach, “If you want to be the best, work with the best.” I took my own advice and for fifteen wonderful weeks worked with Susan Whitcomb whom I consider to be the best career coach and coaching mentor in the field today. Susan gave me the tools to look within myself and recognize that the experiences which have shaped my life can be focused to help others find truly fulfilling lives and careers. I now have the skills and confidence to fulfill my life’s calling as a nationally certified professional career coach. If you are considering entering into the rewarding field of career coaching, then I highly recommend you consider Susan as a mentor. After all, if you want to be the best, work with the best!

— Dan Diedriech

Coaching with Susan helped me overcome challenges that I had struggled with for years. With each session, I came away with insights which have since enabled me to define my niche, try new opportunities, and increase my income. I highly recommend Susan to anyone looking to grow their business. I’ve had many wins that I’ve learned from coaching with Susan! I hope these help with the prospective client!

-Higher income, and higher price per client after raising my rates.
-Identification of a niche (I had struggled with this for a long time).
-A much clearer idea of how to get paid to speak as well as get published.
-Got a few association specific clients, in response to my brand
-Will be the featured author (on the cover!) of a book where I contributed a chapter.

Charlotte Weeks, CCMC, NCRW, CPRW

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