Testimonials About The Faculty

Wow, I knew I was going to be impressed with Kim’s training, but after today’s first call, I am BLOWN away – she is an excellent trainer, coach, and communicator. Thanks for enabling the opportunity for me to learn from her.

— James Beeman Jr., Coach Team Leader

Beverly [has] got a real knack for getting people involved and doing it in ways that makes them feel safe. Nothing reinforces the printed word, or the well-thought out exercises, better than actually “doing” some of these tasks. [She] also has a gift for what I call “community based reinforced learning.” In much less pretentious terms, that just means [she’s] helping people learn from one another. That pays big dividends. First, it makes learning more comprehensive. Second, it gives [the] course even more depth and currency because our group shares from so many different backgrounds and have such different practices. Third, it’s building [this] brand as a welcoming, supportive course.

— Don Orlando, MBA, CPRW, JCTC, CCM, CCMC

I thoroughly enjoyed the [CJSS] class and [Beverly’s] terrific leadership and instruction.  I learned a lot that will be extremely helpful to me in providing more and hopefully better services to my clients which was my goal going in.

Keep up the inspirational work and thank you once again for the great news!

— Gerry McNamara, CJSS

Can I just say how wonderful it feels to work with a job seeker and then have him actually get a job? Thanks to [Beverly’s] brilliance, we were able to work through the program, follow the steps and it worked! [Beverly is] amazing!

— Kathy DiMario

Kim Avery as our Instructor and Mentor Coach, was truly the spark of professional encouragement that I counted on to gain my coaching credential through Career Coach Academy – she was great!

— Marvell Allen
Sr. Learning & OD Specialist

Jason really knows his stuff! His natural style, sense of humor and connection with his audience make learning a pleasure.

— Wendy Frados

Thanks so much Beverly. I was more than pleased with the [CJSS] training, and especially your generous and expert course leadership.

— Jennifer Bradley, CJSS

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