Testimonials About The Team

[The Academies’ Team] made me SOOOO happy today! I just received my Serious Revenue training manual from a friendly courier. I can’t believe how quickly it arrived! I have already listened to call number one and done all the thinking and writing exercises. Keen to get onto call two!

I wanted to make sure you know what exemplary customer service [they] provide, and how much I appreciate it. It’s all service with a smile, and so effective, speedy and reliable. If I could vote for The Academies for a customer service award, I’d be the first to do so!!

— Ruth Winden
International Career Management Consultant
Careers Enhanced Ltd
Great Britain

I hope someday [I] have the opportunity to meet [Lyndsey]. In all of my dealings with the Academy, [she has] been so awesome–prompt, professional, and personable. Thank you for “what” you do and especially “how” you provide that support.

— Ann Boyer, CCMC

Katy and Lyndsey are true ‘points of light and gems.’ You are fortunate to have attracted them to your business.

— Laura Schlafly, MBA, CCMC
Career Choices with Laura

I love [Marcy’s] energy! Especially how it can travel through cyberspace, reach out, and energize me on the other side! Thank you!

– Bryan Lubic
Professional Development Advisor
Graduate Business Career Management Center
San Diego State University

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