Testimonials About The Programs


Regarding the Certified Career Management Coach Course:

The Academies is Top-Tier! I earned my CCMC, and I’m looking forward to CJSS along w/certification in Twitter… (I have an autographed copy of “The Twitter Job Search Guide” by Susan Whitcomb [I will always love her…forever!])… I also, highly recommend any/all of the certification courses. I experienced such a custom approach to my aspirations and goals in coaching. I studied a global-class curriculum (w/a specialized element unsurpassed in significance & purpose) replete with the required competencies, and the forum in which to practice the skills acquired necessary to build confidence. I received inspiration for the prospect of launching a thriving coaching practice, and I’m looking forward to taking the entrepreneur-support component in the future. In fact, I have a close colleague who recently graduated CCMC, per my referral to the Academies…we are current associating as ‘Coaching Partners’ in the interest of mutually honing our respective skills, and keeping them fresh, critiqued, and relevant

— Ava Archie, CCMC

The Career Coach Academy [Certified Career Management Coach] program was one the best professional development experiences I’ve ever had. It enhanced my counseling background considerably because it gave me new skills to use in working with students, as well as with staff, and opened up new niche areas for me.

— Carmen Croonquist, Director of Career Services, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

15 weeks of real-world, hands-on coach training with wonderful colleagues. A renewed passion for coaching. Rock-solid coaching skills. Reenergized confidence. A rewarding bottom-line. The [Certified Career Management Coach] “Refresh and Recharge” program delivers all that and more. In fact, this course goes beyond “refresh and recharge” to rocket your skills and ROI to the next level.

—  Deb Dib, Advantage Resumes of NY/Executive Power Coach

Coaching is a great new strategy for working with students. It’s especially powerful for upper-division students, graduates, and alumni. Even with 20 years of experience in career counseling, I found the Career Coach Academy program has enhanced my toolset to help students increase their awareness, see new possibilities and perspectives, make decisions, commit to action, and realize success!

— Alicia Andrade, Director of Career Services, Fresno Pacific University

This program is comprehensive, touching on virtually every aspect of career coaching – from initial assessments for a career explorer all the way through ongoing career management for a career conqueror. It provides not only the information, but also tangible tools that can be used to build a successful practice. If someone is truly serious about career coaching as a business – whether as an add-on to an existing business or focusing on coaching as their entire business – Career Coach Academy is the only way to go. Career Coach Academy has truly provided more value than I expected (and I was expecting a lot!).

— Laura Scheible, Agape Career Services

Christine did an excellent job of providing basic forms and real life examples that were identical to our needs as new counselors and to the demographic that we target. I would recommend this (workforce development) course for anyone in a position that would involve assisting those who are economically disadvantaged or belonging to a traditional minority population (i.e. the disabled) in finding or maintaining employment.

— LaWanda Ray, Principal Directions

This is the course you would have designed for yourself – if you happened to be one of the great leaders in this industry, mastered the art of distance education, could draw upon the best experts in every related field, devoted months of time to producing practical, easy-to-read course materials, had a knack for transforming a group of strangers into a reinforcing symposium of interested and interesting students, and had such a generous spirit that you would freely supply a treasure trove of useful guides and handouts. As a career coach of nine years standing, and a training and development specialist with more than two decades of experience, I think this program is the best of its kind.

— Don Orlando, Your Personal Career Coach™

WOW – what a powerhouse of information, practical methods, and inspiration! Everyone involved in the careers industry (or who wants to be) should take this program for a massive injection of career coaching know-how. As an added bonus, Susan’s supportive coaching style and participative sessions lead to knowledge sharing that maximizes learning for everyone involved.

— Susan Guarneri, CareerMagicCoach.com

Before I took Susan’s course, I had this notion that career coaching was a fuzzy field that most anyone could enter and pretend to be good at. How wrong I was! After 13 sessions and a number of role-plays, I now have a fuller appreciation of the skills involved, and the gifts a talented coach can bring to one’s clients. There is no way I could have entered this field and performed credibly without the understanding and solid foundation your program provided.

— Doug Dib, ExecutivePowerCoach.com

I have been in business for 10 years and finally have a clear framework thanks to you and your team of professionals. Joining your class is the best thing I have done for my business in those 10 years.

— Joan M. Roberts, MA, CAGS, CPRW, CMCC

I have been thrilled with my choice of Career Coach Academy to enhance my career coaching practice. The materials are excellent and the presentation of the coaching methodology is superior. Susan is not only a master coach but an outstanding teacher. The program is well organized, the pace is just right and time flies by too fast. I would highly recommend it to a coach at any stage of her practice.

— Mary Anne Walsh, Ed.D.

The [Certified Career Management Coach] course was beyond my expectations.  The material was very thorough and comprehensive and the instructor (Susan) was very attentive and supportive to the needs of the course participants.  Being able to practice coaching during the weekly sessions and receive feedback really helped cement the learnings of the course.  My coaching practice has been enriched by this material and I feel so much more confident as a coach.

— Liz Ferguson, Career Coach

This class has given me invaluable resources related to career exploration and satisfaction. The experience and wisdom of the teacher (Nancy Branton) along with the diverse sharing from the class members have contributed to my learning new skills, being exposed to new ideas and meeting some wonderful people! In addition to all the resources I’ve gained, the class has moved me to set some new goals and plan steps to make them a reality. Big thanks to my teacher and classmates!

— Karen H. Prevatt, Career Coach

I know that the information I received and the coaching I experienced will help further my evolvement as a better coach and human being. You truly are a “master coach” and I will heartily recommend this program (and you) to all my colleagues.

— Debbie Shalom, ALL I AM Coaching

The investment I made in Career Coach Academy’s [Certified Career Management Coach] training was definitely worthwhile and I am confident in recommending Susan Whitcomb’s program without reservation.

— Ellie Vargo, CPRW, CFRWC, Noteworthy Resume

The Career Coach Academy has not only provided me with the necessary tools to better understand my career & life goals, but an overall increased awareness of how to successfully coach others on identifying their potential for greatness

— Dionne Minner, Chameleon Group

As an experienced careers professional, the [Certified Career Management Coach] training taught me most about how to ask powerful coaching questions, as well as how to empower clients to look within to find answers and create their own momentum.

— Randi Bussin, Aspire! Fulfilling Career Ambitions

The [Certified Career Management Coach] course was very insightful. I feel ready to open a successful career management coaching business.

— La Tonya Hunte, Coachlinx

An amazing class. I feel completely prepared to start my career coaching business. Susan taught me in 15 weeks what it would have taken years to learn on my own. I can’t believe how many forms I have and how willing Susan is to share her years of experience. What a breath of fresh air in this dog-eat-dog world.

— Laura G. Black, Career Coach

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I especially liked the openness and closeness of the group setting. We were allowed to really get to share with one another.

— Shelley Oglan, Career Coach

Even as a coach with multiple certifications I was pleasantly surprised at how much value I received from this program.

— Harvey Smith, ACC, CPBA, CPVA, Carolina Business Coach

Great course. Really learned a lot of techniques that I AM already using. Thanks!

— Angelique Smith, Career Coach

I really think the Career Coach Academy gives the most “bang for the buck”.  It’s been wonderful for my business – good concrete tools and strategies.

— Kit Prendergast, Career Connections of Sierra Nevada

I just wanted to thank you for a terrific class … I truly appreciate you helping us hone our coaching skills so we can help some of our more difficult clients achieve their goals. … I wish I could record every word you say!

— Jeanne Knight, JCTC, Career Designs

Through this program, I have gained the confidence to actually start coaching clients in the field of information technology and I have attained a freelance writing position as a career columnist of national magazine for information technology professionals. Thanks Susan!!!!

— Felicia Vaughn, M.Ed., Career Coach

I always give Career Coach Academy great reviews. Thank you for such a great experience.

— Laura Mendelow, Career Coach, Management Consulting Firm

Thank you Susan for your patience, vast knowledge and sharing of information! I really enjoyed the class.

— Kris Plantrich CPRW, CEIP, Resume Wonders

I had a WONDERFUL experience working with [Susan] and hope to take the leadership coaching program next. I am definitely more focused on my big A agenda which has helped me remain emotionally and spiritually centered, and helped me to help my clients experience this kind of centering.

— Robin Majeski, Career Coach

Time and investment well spent for anyone interested in progressing within the career coaching field.

— Mike Valdivia, SPHR

The CCMC program gave me a superb jumpstart into the career coaching business. In four months, it provided me with a framework for coaching, a large volume of career support advice, and a practical approach toward coaching clients through to success. Most importantly, the program showed me, by example, how to understand and show kindness to my clients.

— Dave Katz

I just finished [The Academies] training to be a Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC) and just can’t say enough about it! From the excellent service from the Academy team to the comprehensive materials we received as part of our training, this certification program was top-notch. My instructor was knowledgeable, insightful, and superbly skilled at providing feedback for all of us during our practice coach sessions. With all I learned from this program, I’m fully equipped to support people in a job search, in job transition, looking for what’s next, or those who want more from their current positions. Whether you’re new to coaching or an established pro, Susan Whitcomb’s Career Coach Academy and the CCMC certification will open new doors for you and your business. I highly recommend this training!

— Pam Wyess, President of Workplace Results LLC and new CCMC

I want you to know how fabulous the CCMC and CLTMC classes are. They have truly changed my life and coaching business. The classes are like graduate-level courses and I had not realized how comprehensive they would be. When I met you, I knew that anything you did would be of very high quality, and I want to tell you that you have over-delivered and so thank you.

— Kelly Welch

I just have to tell you that the career coach training has given me such an edge in my Challenger Counselor training. The ability to “dance with the client” and listen at all 3 levels is at the core of the training. What a beautiful thing.

Be well and thanks,

— Lily Bradford

The 15 week CCMC class was a brain shifter. This class opened up my mind to viewing situations in ways I have never done before. Needless to say this has benefitted not only my clients but also myself. Is the glass half full or half empty?…let’s take a 30,000 foot view and find out. This class gave me not only the knowledge but also the tools and techniques to be wildly successful in my practice.

Thank so much for this gift. And world here I come.

— Liiliana Kaminski Bradford, Career Savvy and More

I signed up for Susan’s Career Coaching course thinking I would take away a few tips. Little did I know that I’d take away an entirely new way of working with people. Susan provided the most superior set of documentation to support people throughout career coaching sessions. And, I learned coaching techniques that made coaching much easier. As a PCC, I thought I knew quite a bit about coaching, however, I was really surprised by how much Susan was able to simplify the coaching process with her amazing models and tecniques. Susan helps everyone throught the course with timely and specific feedback, but most importantly she gives it so graciously. Everyone can learn something new from this course! Once you start working through the materials you begin to see just how much work Susan has saved you with the forms. Even if you were the most experienced coach on the planet, it would take you a year to create materials that work as well as what Susan provides.

Keep up the good work!

— Colleen Carruthers

I loved [this] class! I found myself looking forward each week to spending “my special time” with [Susan] and my classmates. [Susan’s] style as a facilitator is very welcoming, non-judgmental, and accepting. And [her] course is structured and organized so beautifully, with plenty of very thorough and well-researched materials.

I learned so much about myself (and of course career coaching) during your course. Some of it was painful… growing out of our comfort zones usually does involve some discomfort. Most of all, I appreciate [Susan’s] generosity in sharing so much of [her] wisdom and experience with us.

I’d like to share one of my favorite quotes that exemplifies my experience of learning how to be a good coach (which I know now will be an ongoing process):

Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph; a beginning, a struggle and a victory. — Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

— Janet Cranford

Thank you for all the hard work that Kim Avery, CCMC trainer, and [Susan] as my mentor coach put into me. Thank you for “knighting” me a CCMC!

Interesting story – beyond coaching my MBA students, I was also able to use the skills I gained through my career coaching training for the benefit of our MBA admissions team.

Frequently, I hold informational interviews with prospective students who want to know if they can get a high-paying job with a North Carolina State Jenkins MBA. Before my Career Coach Academy training, I would launch into a half-hour monologue on the professional profile and motivations of a successful Jenkins MBA graduate. I would ask the prospect if this was the information for which he/she was looking (nobody ever said “no”), and we would end with polite “good lucks.”

Last month, I engaged a prospect in a mini-coaching session rather than launching into speech. Through powerful questioning, active listening, and the prioritization techniques you taught me, I was able to coach the prospect to take ownership in evaluating the feasibility of pursuing an MBA. When I got to the action and “red-bow” phases, he animatedly gave me a list of action items and other contacts he needed to informational interview in order to make a go/no-go decision. I don’t know yet whether he will join our program or not (I am confident he will make the right choice), but I have never had a meeting in which the prospect demonstrated such a level of self-understanding at that moment — and I attribute that to you.

— John R. Hutchings
Assistant Director, MBA Program
Academic Advising and Career Coaching
North Carolina State University
Jenkins Graduate School of Management

Thanks for a great class today.  I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all of you and your insights and questions – I have learned a lot from you already.   I really enjoy our class (it’s one of the major highlights of my week) and am glad that we have a safe space to practice our coaching skills.

— Sherry Dodge
Director of Career Services
UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs

Regarding the Certified Career Management Coach – Christian Track Course:

Thanks so much for the Christian resources. I just took a peek and I love the way the Scriptures are broken down into specific headings. It’s a little more clear to me on how I can incorporate Christ in my career coaching. Thanks!


— Charlena Ortiz

Regarding the Certified Job Search Strategist Course:

The Certified Job Search Strategist Program gave me tools that completely transformed my business, Profession Direction, LLC. I’m more able to help my clients use their resume wisely. It was one of the best decisions I made in the last 5 years. I get so excited thinking about the difference it made for me and how my clients benefit from this info! The Academies’ team does fantastic work that’s changing lives all over the world!

— Kristin S. Johnson

Thank you so much, Beverly, for your time, your patience and for being such an outstanding instructor. I have had a few clients since “Erik”, and always find myself revisiting the CJSS material. There is always something there that almost seems to have been written for whoever I am working with – proof of the excellence of this program. I wish you the very best!

— Jean Austin

I just wanted to thank you for leading the Certified Job Search Strategist program. I have thoroughly enjoyed the past twelve weeks and appreciate how you always took time to dive into our questions, providing insight and examples from your experiences while modeling exemplary coaching. Your encouragement to set prices that demonstrate the immense value of our services was really helpful as that has been something I’ve personally struggled with. It was especially helpful to hear that starting with lower prices actually made it harder to raise prices when clients were referred to you. That’s something I hadn’t considered when I started out and is something I’m running into now that I’ve started moving prices upward.

This program has far exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much for investing in my growth and business through your outstanding leadership and guidance.

— Kalindi Garvin

“Thank you so much!! I am so glad I made it a priority … to get my completed assignments to you as it really feels great to receive my Certified Job Search Strategist designation!

Once again, I have learned so much from the classes and they have helped me tremendously with the variety of job seeker clients I work with every day. I’ve completed 4 Academies’ courses so far, and am looking forward to taking more…

Thanks again for a great class and the certification!”

— Ellen Westbrook
Asheville Career Center

I’m thrilled, and wanted to thank [Beverly] for sharing [her] insights and experience with us. Quite aside from being able to add this accreditation to my name (as one of only four in Canada, this is a significant achievement), I feel incredibly well equipped to be able to help my clients with their job search.

— Karen Siwak, Executive Director, Resume Confidential

I just wanted to let you know that my CJSS designation (which I’ve had for about a week) has already paid for itself.

I didn’t plan to do any job search coaching, but just wanted to really understand job search so that I could write better resumes. Coincidentally, I got an incoming lead from a lady who was not happy with any of the resume writers she spoke to because she felt they couldn’t advise her properly on how to use her resume in the market. My CJSS closed the four-figure resume package, and I probably will do a couple of job search sessions with her as well.

Thank you for a wonderful experience and great value!

— Kim Mohiuddin, NCRW, CJSS

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the CJSS course.  Every week I get solid, practical information that I can put to use.  Today, I spoke with a client who was very frustrated with her job search.  Upon inquiry – I realized that she had only been replying to job postings and working with head hunters.  It was wonderful to be able to walk her through the ‘Seven Steps to a Targeted Search’.   While I have always advised clients on being proactive in their search, these steps make for a process the client can easily follow.

—  Carrie Luber, Vice President at Messenger Associates
Certified G3 Career Coach & Certified Job Search Strategist

The CJSS program is really excellent and I recommend it highly. I discovered all kinds of resources that I had never heard of. Best benefit of all is the structured framework for client engagements – I learned how to cover all the bases faster and easier – no more reinventing the wheel for each client.

— Donald Burns

I am extremely pleased with my experience with the The Academies, Inc. Here, I earned my credentials as a Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC); Microblogging Career Strategist; and in the next few weeks: Certified Job Search Strategist (CJSS). The comprehensive career coaching programs that Susan, as founder, and her professional team assembled are nothing short of remarkable. They have touched thousands of job seekers and that is nothing short of extraordinary. Susan shares information generously – constantly supporting all who will seek out new approaches and materials in today’s market.

— Linda Van Valkenburgh, M.S., CCMC

I’m absolutely thrilled and excited [to receive my CJSS]! Thank you for a great experience with a program full of information and insight. It was worth every penny. I plan to leverage what I learned to be a great, effective Certified Job Search Strategist as I build a practice.

— Doug Dib, CJSS

You have probably heard how wonderful the NRWA conference was. What was different for me this time results from the knowledge I gained during the JSS training. I felt like more of a complete job search professional and, as a result, filtered the workshop information in a different way. This training has definitely helped to widen my horizons. Thank you so much.

— Tessa Weeks, NCRW, CJSS, Make Every Word Count

This is and will remain the definitive certification program in our industry for Job Search Strategies and Coaching. Beverly Harvey and Susan Whitcomb have innovated a much-needed program with a wealth of cutting-edge resources, tools and coaching strategies that equip coaches to meet the needs of their clients in any economy. I highly recommend it as an invaluable program to round out the toolbox of coaches at all levels of experience.

— Louise Garver, Career Directions, LLC

I know we’re only in week five, but I couldn’t let the day end without telling you how impressed I am with the CJSS program. From end to end, from top to bottom, from development to delivery, this has got to be one of the finest programs in our industry.

Just today, I got a call from a very respected colleague. She was telling me about her experience attending, in residence, an expensive program conducted by well known members of our industry and aimed at very successful practitioners. She volunteered the following comment: “They told me everything about what I should do, but they never told me how I could do those things!” That will never be said about this program.

Many thanks for all the hard work. It’s already paying off.

— Don Orlando, MBA, CPRW, JCTC, CCM, CCMC

During the CMA conference, I spoke with [a recent JSA graduate] about her experience with your training, and her words were glowing. As well, her immediate ROI from implementing your strategies impressed me. I look forward to being enlightened…

— Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, MRW, CPRW, CEIP, Chief Career Writer and Owner — Career Trend

If I didn’t learn any more than I have already, the course would be worth my investment. I’ve received a wealth of information and resources, PLUS tips and ideas on how to use them to benefit both my clients and my business. Did I already know some of this? Possibly. Will I be much better prepared now that I’ve learned a lot more? Absolutely. When I first learned about the program at the NRWA conference in San Diego, I thought, ‘Boy, that sounds like the kind of thing I’ve been wishing I had.’ I was right!

— Georgia Adamson, Master Resume Writer & Credentialed Career Manager
Owner of A Successful Career
Campbell/San Jose, CA

I’m hearing AWESOME stuff about the certification program [Beverly] and Susan are working on – WOW – huge kudos!

— Jason Alba

I get so much out of participating in the synergy group. A good place to ask questions and share ideas with others doing the same work is great support and the wisdom from Bev is invaluable.

— Deborah Simi Eibner, MA, CCBC, JCTC, CJSS
Certified Corporate Business Coach
Certified Job and Career Transition Coach
Certified Job Search Strategist
Symmetry Coaching and Consulting

Thank you for this course. What I have learned from Beverly and Susan in the last three weeks has been beyond useful. I have used the “Magic Series” as my four-volume career services bible and this course is like putting Job Search Magic on a Blu-ray disc with bonus features!

— Rhonda Douglas-Charles
Job Search Strategist

My experience with the Career Coach Academy and Job Search Academy has been the most wonderful to date.  In all my dealings with the staff at the Academies have been positive.  Everyone is kind, caring and supportive.  You can hear the smiles on their faces over the phone lines.  Kim Avery and Beverly Harvey are so knowledgeable and helpful.  This has truly been a great experience for me.  I am very happy I chose the Academies for my coach training.  The courses are thorough and state of the art.  I feel confident that I can provide coaching to my clients.

Again thank you for everything!!!”
All the best,

— Arleen Bradley

Thanks in large part to the skills I learned in the CJSS training, my client actually found his “dream job” and I couldn’t have wished for a more positive outcome. During the classes there were so many resources I was able to immediately use to support my client in his career transition. Thanks to [Beverly] and Susan I was able to effectively help him and that feels wonderful. Thank you both for all you do to help others.

— Deborah Simi Eibner, MA, CCMC, JCTC, Certified Corporate Business Coach, Certified Job and Career Transition Coach

Just a note to tell you my training with you has really recession proofed my practice. Most of my new clients are coming to me for career concerns and I am able to help them effectively with the tools and training you provided. I feel very fortunate in this economy to be doing well because of that. I’m grateful! Thanks for your competence and contributions!

— Career and Life Coach, DC Metro Area

Thank you very much for creating and offering a program that has helped me become a better and more effective career management professional!

I look forward to continuing to offer the insights and strategies I learned through this program to the clients I serve.

— Bryan Lubic

“Thank you so much for such an enriching experience. I learned a lot and felt some of what I am doing be reinforced that I am on the right track. I loved listening to both of you, [Susan and Deb,] throughout the course and I hold deep admiration for you both. Thank you for generously sharing your knowledge, optimistic spirit and compassion. It was a wonderful experience and I am grateful to you both…

 I am looking forward to getting my team up to speed and my own marketing materials in better alignment in reflecting what I/we do for our clients. I am thrilled…I mentioned to you during an earlier class that I have wrestled with how to differentiate Chameleon Resumes. The concepts in this class have helped me further define what Chameleon is/does and I am so excited to put it all to use over the next few weeks.”

— Lisa Rangel
Chameleon Resumes ® LLC – A Forbes Top 100 Career Website

Regarding the Certified Tough Transitions Career Coach Course:

Gaining a good understanding of the PADMAN principles and how to apply them is the most practical tool I have seen for helping clients shift their perspective to understanding the employer’s perspective and how to take advantage of the powerful insights and sensitivities it opens up for them!

— Rev. Kelly E. McClelland, Chief Navigation Officer, Transition Time Coach LLC

The list of tips, tools and techniques for customizing a job search strategy and creating effective career marketing documents for clients who are in ‘tough transitions’ begins to grow from the first week of the CTTCC program, and your effectiveness as a coach deepens and expands. As a proud Certified Tough Transitions Career Coach program graduate, I’ve incorporated these tips, tools and techniques into my work – both resume writing and coaching – to better support and guide clients to finding and accessing ‘side doors’ to hiring decision makers.

— Carol Camerino, CTTCC, Resume Writer, Back to Work Strategist & Career Coach

Regarding the Certified Executive Leadership & Development Coach Course:

I am LOVING the executive coach class and Fran is a treasure. Every class that I take from the Academies empowers me to be a more confident and better equipped coach.

–Lacy Nelson

The thing that has struck me with this class was not just that the content was really good – which it was – but also two other things.  One is the resources, from the 360 reach to just the things that came up in the classes week to week.  It increases your confidence and competence to develop coach leaders…and it gives you real tools to say ‘OK, I do have some things to offer in this area, or I have a mindset that will help concerning this or questions that will help a leader clarify the different situations or challenges…or desires that they want to pursue’. I really appreciated all the resources that helped us as coaches that we will probably use for a very long time!  The other thing was just the fact that the other participants in the class – they provided insight, they provided resources, they provided feedback – that as other professionals doing the same thing/desiring to really coach leaders…it was just so helpful.  It was real-life stuff, it was real-life resources, it was real-life people – engaged on a very pertinent topic that we’re all concerned about….all of that was just very helpful.

–Bryan Brown

Part of what I want to share about how important this class has been to me -it’s being with other professionals who have given me more than any other tele-class I’ve ever had – a perspective of integrity.  And Fran, you set the stage for that as our class leader.  She’s model leading and she leads leaders, and so there’s a lot of integrity in what’s being shared.  By going through the ICF competencies again…just a great reminder of how important they are for being a professional coach.  Susan has done such a marvelous job of compiling – fabulous – learning points in all of the handouts and the other opportunities we have had to learn.  I think one of my takeaways is how in reviewing all of this, being with you all has helped bolster my courage to change – I needed to make a shift and this environment has provided me an encouraging and positive perspective on the shift that I needed to make.

–Elaine Franklin

The Executive and Leadership Coaching Class has helped me gain a confidence and competency to do executive coaching well.  I love Fran’s direct style and vast experience because she’s really helped me gain the skills that I need for my growing coaching business…It just seems like there’s a lot of principles of coaching that you use with an individual that can be used in teams.  It’s much more complex, but yet, it does seem like there’s a lot of transferrable skills that can be used both for individual and team coaching.

This has been one of my most favorite classes I have taken. Fran was great, loved the Reach 360, the audios at the end were great.  This class will help me tremendously in my life, leadership, business and ministry. 

–Charles Hooper, Jr., PCC

Regarding the Get Clear, Get Found, Get Hired! Course:

As a result of the G-3 program, I changed my approach, tightened my writing, and that led to a first-place award for LinkedIn Profile. Absolutely true!

— Don Burns, CJSS, G3 Coach

The G3 concept and system will shake up the career writing status quo. It delivers a relearned way of thinking about communications for a social-media world of restricted-character talking points and narrow attention spans. Its dashboard model with interchangeable pieces is not only brilliant, but necessary. It arms career industry professionals, job seekers and career campaigners with powerful ROI messaging–power notes to video. I think it will BE the status quo.

— Barb Poole, CCMC, CLTMC, CERW, CPRW, PHR – Hire Imaging, LLC

Simply put, G3 is the single-most innovative career industry concept in years.

— Kevin Morris, President Emeritus, The National Resume Writers’ Association

I knew that whatever Susan and Deb conceived and delivered would be outstanding, but this program was supercharged! As an experienced and credentialed career counselor, coach, personal branding strategist, and resume writer, I learned new approaches to take my business and my services to a higher level. Thank you Susan and Deb for your vision, innovation, and energy!

— Susan Guarneri, Career Assessment Goddess

Thank you, Deb and Susan, for a truly ahead-of-the-curve stimulating 10 weeks. When I think back to a short 10 years ago and how our industry and job market have evolved (and continue to evolve), who would have predicted we would be offering G3 services!

— Louise Garver

I am tingling with excitement on the opportunities I will open up for my clients with the information on personal branding and career communication documents from this class. Very real life. My clients, future clients and myself thank you.

— Teresa Pangan, PhD, RD

This was an awesome course and has already paid for itself.

–Mary Schumacher

If you want to go beyond traditional resumes and learn to write creative, short-form Branded Career Communications, then I highly recommend the G3 program. Deb Dib and Susan Whitcomb are always engaging and openly share their writing secrets. In addition, the entire Academies team is always extremely professional and helpful.

–Lynn Higgison, B.A., PHR, ACRW
Shands Jacksonville Medical Center

Dear Susan, I met you last fall at the NRWA conference. I am happy to report that I am now doing resume writing full time. When I took advantage of your training offer and signed up for your G3 coaching class, you wrote a very kind note in my book, The Twitter Job Search Guide, about succeeding one client at a time. I took your advice to heart and have been doing just that! I am excited about starting the class, and if the book is any kind of precursor (and I was only halfway through) to what we’ll learn about personal branding I know it will make me an even better writer.

–Michelle Robin, CPRW
Chief Career Brand Officer

“I will never be able to write a resume that is just “good enough” again. The strategies and tools you teach in this class are truly the cutting edge of career communications in this world of constant distraction and content overload.  I am confident my clients will stand out from their competition in big ways because of my new knowledge.”

–Michelle Robin, CPRW

Regarding the Online Professional Networking Strategist Course:

As always, Jason’s ability to dig deep beyond the surface of a job search tool and provide value was evidenced in this course. I very much enjoyed hearing about his “best practices” in using LinkedIn for both job search and business promotion, and I have found his ideas about posting a Question and eliciting responses to be right on! Thank you to Susan for offering this program, and to Jason for sharing your knowledge.

— Laura Smith Proulx

Jason and Susan provided incredible strategies and details for enhancing and maximizing a LinkedIn presence.  This extensive program catapulted beyond the mechanics and got right to the heart of the real benefits through creative, personal and practical applications.  Thank you both for the expertise, energy and humor – this learning experience was a WINNER!

— Chris Gilliam

This program is a must for job seekers wishing to use Linkedin to its full potential as a networking tool.  Jason Alba is awesome!!  He is highly knowledgeable of Linkedin and can explain its functions in a way that is easy to understand.  The program exceeded my expectations!

— Ellen Westbrook

This program helped me be more confident assisting my clients in using Linkedin to build/manage their careers and find work.   I was able to take what I learned and make an informed presentation to a group of MBA students eager to use Linkedin more effectively. Thank You.

— Lorraine Neff

I came into the program with a novices background.  Yes I knew Linkedin was important but my skill level was just about zero, now while I am far from an expert, I do feel comfortable speaking with others about it.  It was a great investment of time and the notes that Susan prepared were great.

— Bob Hueglin

I really enjoyed the class and due to Jason’s style of making it fun and easy to understand, I became much more motivated about using LinkedIn to promote my business, and more confident in recommending it to my clients. Jason really turned around my attitude toward LinkedIn. I’ve always just done what I needed to get by, but not really used it as proactively as I should. But after the program, I have felt inspired to really dig in and start reaping the benefits of this great tool. I had been to two other LinkedIn classes but came away feeling overwhelmed and confused. As a result of Jason’s enthusiasm and helpful marketing recommendations, I’m confident that I can offer my clients something more constructive to make a difference in their job search success.

— Julianne Franke

I so enjoyed the entire experience, and have really improved my coaching expertise and support for my clients here at the Fed.
The support of your staff also made this truly great for me as well! 🙂

— Marvell Allen
Sr. Learning & OD Specialist

[The OPNS Program is] EXTREMELY informative. Thank you so much, Jason!

— Marian Bernard – Canada’s Only While-You-Wait Certified Professional Resume Writer

The Online Professional Networking Strategist training program provided excellent insights and real examples for the development of “on brand” LinkedIn profiles for my executive-level clients. I appreciate your objective assessment of LinkedIn tools and strategies.

— Beth Stefani, Inspire Careers, Inc.

Great class! Learned a ton of information and found use in both optimizing my profile and using Linked In as a strategic tool.

— Michael Pfau

Jason and The Academies are truly exceptional.  The content in this training is second to none.  I would highly recommend this [training] to anyone wanting to incorporate Linkedin into their coaching business.  Another home run from Susan and The Academies!

— Randy VanderVaate

Thank you for the amazing opportunity to learn innovative and effective career advancing strategies  from the top  social networking thought leader in the industry.  I learned more from Jason in six sessions than I did in twelve months of reading books and online tutorials.

— Lorraine Beaman, JLB Career Consulting http://www.linkedin.com/in/lorrainebeaman

I have spent the last year learning as much as I can about LinkedIn.  In my LinkedIn journey, I quickly realized why I enjoyed LinkedIn so much.  I love mazes and LinkedIn is like a big maze to me.  Jason’s program was icing on the cake for learning great tidbits of information that added additional assets to my LinkedIn arsenal.  Now, not only can I create compelling LinkedIn profiles for clients, I can help them create and share their personal brand, grow and nurture an amazing and relevant network and teach them the in’s and out’s of navigating LinkedIn. Thank you!

— Carrie Robinson

The program was excellent and explained many features that both entrepreneurs and job seekers can capitalize on to promote their brand and gain greater online visibility.

— Beverly Harvey

Thank you for a very informative class. Jason explains complex terms in easy to understand language. I especially enjoyed his hands-on approach. Worth the investment!

— Debbie Shalom

If you want to come up to speed quickly on LinkedIn, this is the way to do it.

— Robert Gamza

Great course – well organized, dynamic instructor, tons of depth. Jason goes the extra mile to make the course with the time and money. Many thanks.

— Sue Sherman

This class brought cohesiveness and focus to the complexity of online job searching. Jason Alba’s expertise gave me the knowledge to provide value to my clients for shaping an effective job search campaign. The class covered not only how to create an effective profile but also how to use LinkedIn’s features and tools to make a client’s (and my own) brand shine above the competition.

— Mary Schumacher

I was a novice with LinkedIn. Now I feel confident in coaching others on how to use this very valuable resource. Thank you for making this course available!

— Bette Noble

Thank you the opportunity to learn from Jason Alba and earn a credential at the same time. This was an amazing wealth of knowledge presented in an organized, easy to understand format.  The information was invaluable.  The depth of the information was so great that I still haven’t applied it all to my LI site yet…..but I will!

— Marsha Leap

Jason’s expertise in LinkedIn is second to none; the Online Professional Networking Strategist [training] program offered by the Career Coach Academy is a must-have for career coaches who are dedicated to providing their clients with a competitive advantage.

— Louise Garver

Although I have been studying LinkedIn for sometime, I found the LICCS program invaluable in offering me a firm foundation in basic, intermediate, & advanced LI management techniques. Even more importantly, though, Jason & Susan highlighted potential revenue opportunities for business owners like me. I have no doubt that this certification program will pay for itself many times over in the months & years ahead.

— Cheryl Simpson

Loved the program…very thorough- provided a great balance of both the why and how!! Thanks!

— Sarah Jewell

My LinkedIn profile has generated many e-mails from recruiters and also from former colleagues so I can speak of my own experience to my clients.  And of course, without the class, I probably still wouldn’t be on LinkedIn.

— Sheila Garofalo

The Online Professional Networking Strategist course was very valuable. I work with young people (college students, grads and young professionals) and many don’t think Linkedin is very helpful. There is so much they don’t know and this course nailed down all of their issues and answers to questions so I can now coach my clients on the awesome benefits of this tool as they begin their professional lives.  Thanks to Jason for providing this very hands on program – I can’t wait to share this with my clients not to mention beef up my linked in profile!!!

— Sandy Demarest

Regarding the Microblogging Career Strategist Course:

Woooo!!!! Lots of fun!

You all did a great job with this class! Susan, Chandlee and Deb wrote a great and practical guide and organized the information into a fun, timely and necessary guide for #jobseekers.

When I signed up for the course, I knew my coaching schedule was already set and had many conflicts with the Twitter Classes. The PDF’s, forum, audio links, webinar videos, and beautiful Powerpoints allowed me to feel part of the class and enjoy the conversations.

For about 2 years I let Twitter slip past me. I thought it was for kids, couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to hear “what I’m making for dinner”! I had no idea how to read and decipher a 140 character message. It was all Greek to me.
The course changed all that! I can see, as a #career #coach, that I can help my clients overcome the same concerns and dive into an online community RICH with opportunity!
I am now a Twitter evangelist! (and extremely happy about it!)

Tweet tweet!


Regarding the Social Networking Career Strategist Course:

Susan Whitcomb does it again! Who knew you could teach Facebook as a career strategy and not only make it so relevant for job seekers, but also give career coaches insights on how to use it as an additional revenue stream?

— Kathleen DiMario

A valuable resource to assist in the success of our clients; the ultimate goal!

— Barbara Mackie

Barbara and Susan did a great job on this class. Barbara is very knowledgeable in Facebook features and leveraging them for job seekers!

— Camille Roberts

Great and timely content! Barbara Safani is an expert instructor! I will be definitely using the knowledge I’ve learned to enhance my company’s service offerings, but more importantly give my clients access to an under-utilized venue in their job search strategy! A course that is definitely worthy of your time to pursue.

— Ana Paret

I’m a latecomer to Facebook but after taking the Social Networking Career Strategist class, I feel inspired (and prepared) to make social networking work for my business and my clients.

— Ellie Vargo, MRW, CCMC, Noteworthy Resume & Career Services, LLC

I would much rather invest in this type of structured learning versus learning by trial and error (especially unforgiving public error). I was surprised to learn how much impact FB can have on the job search process.

— Beverly Harvey

I want to say how much I have appreciated taking the three CSMCS courses on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook … I am finally in the 21st century as far a social media goes and really have an in depth, confident understanding of how to use these tools – much more so than a year ago.. And kudos to you for gathering all three of these teachers. I was so impressed by their passion and authentic expertise.

–Cathy Smith


Regarding the SEO+ Social Networking Strategist (SEO+ for Google+):

Participating in the inaugural Google+ training offered by The Academies has been a wise investment. Barbara Safani, our instructor, dazzled me with her in-depth knowledge, strategic insights and wealth of experience in using Google+ as a career management tool. I now look forward to coaching my clients on how to use Google+ strategically, so they can create job opportunities and enhance their careers. Thanks to The Academies and Barbara Safani, Google+ has become an integral part of my social media toolbox.

 -Ruth Winden

Another amazing new program for The Academies…and Barbara Safani has done a wonderful job!!! Thanks to everyone involved in creating this program and coordinating the logistics.  Fantastic!!!

 -Carol Camerino

This class is perfect for those who have a foundation in social media already and want to add G+ to their repertoire.  It is appropriate for current users of social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

 Debbie Melnikoff

Regarding the Certified Brain-Based Success Coach Course:

“Truly, powerfully transformational. Be prepared to bring positive change to your life/career while learning strategies to help your clients do the same.”

“Last week, I had a client who was a ‘trigger’–someone whose subtly contentious innuendo would typically send me into a litany of self-incriminating thoughts, such as ‘I am really no good at this’ and ‘I have no right to be collecting money from people.’ This time, I used a technique we learned in the Brain-Based Success Coach program to stop the ’emotional death spiral,’ and it worked! I was upbeat, confident, and in control. So far, it’s been a really, really wonderful day! … and I know I am going to be able to work with clients to help them in the same vein when that’s appropriate. Thank you!”

–Carol Altomare, World Class Resumes

“Brain-Based Coaching is an innovative program, empowering coaches with science-based techniques to propel clients forward. Invaluable!”
Bless you both!

The CIO Coach
Certified Career Management & Leadership Coach
Certified Personal Branding & Job Search Strategist

“It’s said that “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Susan Whitcomb is that teacher for me and The Academies newest coaching class, Brain-Based Success Coach has provided the stimulating environment, resources, and collegial learning I’ve needed to take myself and my career/life coaching practice to the next level. I appreciate the blend of science and research from the fields of positive psychology and neuroscience interlaced with pragmatic coaching techniques, activities and exercises all reinforcing our mastery of the ICF competencies. With 3 of 10 classes still to go, I already want to take this class again! I know there are many layers of discovery for me that will continue to go deeper and deeper. It’s a toss-up who is getting more out of my investment of time and money in this class: me or my clients!”

–Diane Kohler, MA, CCMC, CLTMC, CSEIC, Manager of Employee Career Development at The University of Kentucky…and soon to hopefully also be a CTTCC and CBBSC!

“Having vetted neuro-scientific knowledge to help clients move from negative, blocked, or even fear based thought patterns into fresh powerful possibility is very exciting, empowering, and meaningful for my coaching practice. Thank you Susan, you are truly flourishing and creating big ripples in the coaching world with your Brain-Based coaching.”

–Marilyn Seltzer, CCMC, CJSS, OPNS
Seltzer Consulting Group
Career Consulting, Coaching & Assessments

“It’s obvious that Susan has put so much time and research into the ‘Certified Brain-Based Success Coach Program.’ Throughout the class, I could tell that she practices what she teaches. I’ve already applied some of the learning with several clients–yielding abundant success. Recently, I was asked to speak at a meeting for a Fortune 500 company. Right away, my mind went into the scarcity mode: ‘I’m small potatoes; I don’t have the experience, credentials, blah, blah. What in the world am I doing?’ My education from this course (namely the SCARF model) helped me move from a state of nausea (literally), to realizing I was asked for a reason. I’ve got something to offer that no one else on the slate can speak to on the level that I can. I am grateful for this course and for having the opportunity to learn from Susan.”

–Dr. Steve Cromer, CPLC

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