What To Do When Your Toughest Critic Is You

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been my toughest critic.  When things are going well, leave it to the backseat driver in my brain to remind me where I fall short.  And when things are NOT going well…yikes. These are the things you need to remember when your inner critic starts piping up:

  • Your inner critic is probably wrong.  She’s everyone’s least favorite gardener who specializes in seeds of doubt, and someone really needs to keep her away from the vegetables.  Your garden is for growth and nourishment. No weeds allowed.
  • Judgment causes anxiety.  Trust me, no one needs more of that.  There are a lot of things that deserve your attention, but your self-criticism is not one of them.  Sure, sometimes we need to improve, and there are kind, caring ways to tell ourselves how to meet those goals.  Insults have no place in self-improvement.
  • One mistake does not define your character.  Forgetting a small detail one time does not make you incompetent.  Running late because your car broke down does not make you unreliable.  Give yourself room to learn. It takes time to navigate new environments and develop new routines and habits.  Mistakes are just part of the learning process.

In your life, you are behind the wheel, which means YOU are in charge.  It’s time to let your backseat driver out of the car. Drop her off at the next coffee shop, buy her a latte, and let her have some chill time.  You’ll appreciate the break.

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