decisions concerns 3d white man 123rf 11949811_sEver try to tame your thoughts? There are reports on the internet that we think some 50,000 thoughts a day, apparently according to the National Science Foundation, but I haven’t found the research to back that up.

It did get me thinking though (okay, there’s 1 thought…only 49,999 more to go today). Our minds are incredibly distracted. Right now I’m thinking almost simultaneously:


> I hear my dog snoring
> The wash needs put in the dryer
> I’ve been sitting too long
> I need to stop & eat some protein (is that 1 or 2 thoughts?)
> I should be writing curriculum
> Maybe I am writing curriculum and just don’t know it
> I’ve been sitting too long (x2)
> I wonder when my husband will get home

(only 49,991 or 49,990 to go)

When we’re too distracted, we lose sight of what’s most important. We don’t make meaningful choices. And life is about mindfully meaning-making. Ergo, too much distraction = a dead life (is that an oxymoron)?

If we want alive lives, we need to focus. And the focus must be on the right things.

If we could make a great deal of our “50,000 thoughts a day” ABUNDANCE, ABUNDANCE, ABUNDANCE, ABUNDANCE, ABUNDANCE, ABUNDANCE, ABUNDANCE, ABUNDANCE, we would see abundance, feel abundance, live abundance. Abundance of creativity, time, relationship, resources, solutions, provision. Now there’s a thought.

What focus would make you feel alive today!


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