Ask: How is This Tied to My Decision Making?

brain bubble maybe_ 123rf 37575287_sStuff happens. And it’s easy to think that things are just random incidents. Maybe so. Maybe not.

I was reading an article recently on the 7 Daily Habits of Great Leaders. One of the “habits” was to “Be Vulnerable”—specifically, own your mistakes. One of the best questions the author suggests in this regard is . . .

“How is this tied to my decision-making?”

Interesting question.

If your team member doesn’t deliver in the way you expected her to, “how is this tied to my decision-making?”

Maybe you didn’t explain expectations clearly. Maybe you need to work on accountability. Maybe you need to train differently. Maybe you need to look at putting the person into a role that better suits his strengths. Maybe you need to let the person go if all of the above have already been tried. Maybe…

If your prospective customer says ‘no,’ “how is this tied to my decision-making?”

Maybe the decisions could be that the customer will say yes down the road, maybe it’s not the right customer for you, maybe your explanation of relevant benefits could be tweaked, maybe it’s an opportunity to trust that the right customer is around the corner. Maybe…

Of course, never beat yourself up over the “Maybe’s.” Be curious, be reflective, and be experimental in how you might do things differently.



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