Atop my Christmas Wish List Is…

What’s on your wish list this season? Techno-tools? Trendy gadgets? Time with family?

I’m dreaming big these days, so high atop my wish list is . . .


And if I can’t have world peace, I’ll go for individual peace. Peace is:

  • The absence of worry, stress, and fear.
  • The absence of excess adrenalin that robs our immune system of resiliency.
  • The absence of a cluttered, unfocused, fragmented mind.

Why is peace my ultimate gift? Because . . .

  • With peace comes calm
  • With calm comes the ability to hear the inner voice of wisdom
  • With wisdom comes confidence
  • With confidence comes action
  • With action comes change

The lovely thing about peace is that . . .

  • You can be penniless and still possess it. It is free.
  • You need not depend on others to obtain it. It is yours alone to give yourself.
  • You can never lose it, break it, or run out of it. It is eternal and renewable.

upward spiralIt is no surprise that peace is among the core positive emotions that release positive neurochemicals and enable us to live in an upward spiral. And that state, friends and colleagues, is a gift to the world!

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