Brain-Based Techniques for Success: Which paradigm is your client operating from?

Which paradigm is your client operating from?

As you know, using a brain-friendly approach in coaching is a passion of mine. I’ve heard from many people in our coach community who report an increase in confidence, competence, and compensation when using the brain-based techniques.

One of my favorites is discovering which paradigm your client is operating from. Is it a paradigm of “Threat” or is a paradigm of “Safety”? The graphic below outlines the differences between Threat and Safety. In Threat/Defend mode we perceive that we don’t have enough, that life is unfair, that things are broken, and more. In Safety/Create mode we perceive that we do have enough

What’s the default for you? For your team? For your clients? For your family members?

Tip: Tap into gratitude to quickly tip the scales from threat to safety!

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