Brain Coach: Mind Your Freedoms

brain handcuffsIt’s the 4th of July weekend as I write. I’ve often imagined that the veterans who fought overseas for our FREEDOMS might look at people like me who got to stay home, safe and sound, and think, “you have no idea.” And they’d be right.

As I journey deeper into understanding brain-based coaching, I also often find myself saying, “I had no idea!” I am only beginning to unlock the FREEDOM OF MIND that is available in an ever-increasing upward spiral! For example:Freedom from second-guessing: e.g., freedom from peace-robbing thoughts such as “Did I do it right?” Or, “Should I do it this way or that way?” Or “What if I’m not successful?”

Freedom from worry: “Will I have enough time, money, talent, health, ideas, favor?” or “I made it through last month, but I doubt we’ll have enough to pay all the bills again this month.”

Freedom from overwhelm: “I’ll never get it all done.” “I’ll never be able to [x]—this will never change!” Or “I’m overwhelmed!”

Freedom from self-focus: “What will they think of me?” Or, “It’s not fair!”

Freedom from self-condemnation: “You idiot—why didn’t you remember to do [x]!” Or “You over-ate again—will you never learn?”

Freedom from critical thoughts: “My boss/neighbor/coworker is such an idiot!” Or “I’m offended by the way he said [x]—how rude!”

Freedom from suspicions: “He must have done that to hurt me on purpose!” or “I wonder if she said that because she doesn’t really trust me?”

Freedom from shame: “I’m so embarrassed about the way I acted.” Or, “If people really knew the real me, they would not be impressed.” Or, “I could never be that vulnerable—people would lose confidence in me.”

To your FREEDOM OF MIND, colleagues and friends! May your thoughts UNLOCK your beautiful brains and bring you freedom of mind, lift you higher, and cause you to soar!



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