CELDC P.L.U.S. Fast-Track Update

CELDC Coaches: Announcing a Major Update to CELDC!

“I want to make sure I know how to get
at the root of problems with my clients.”

These are the words an internal leadership coach, with an iconic global organization, spoke to me earlier this year. They kept ringing in my ears as I updated the CELDC curriculum a few months ago.
breakthrough break through road sign

Here’s the feedback I received from coaches:

“I used one of the techniques you created
and my client really had a breakthrough!”


“I used your P.L.U.S. system with a client who was having
major challenges with a supervisor, and
it allowed her to get into a completely different place.
She sounds like a different woman!

The P.L.U.S. Factor plus_add_green + (1)

This is the single most important coaching technique we have at our disposal as coaches. It allows us to coach the person–not the problem. When we expand the client’s perspective and ability to think, feel, and act with greater clarity, certainty, and confidence, we adhere to the wisdom of Maimonides: “teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

In essence: we get to the root. And, the root we are after is not a root that is problematic, but a root that is the truth of who the person is—the uniqueness of their creativity, vision, and strengths.

You can access the CELDC update in a condensed, laser-like fashion, taught by me and specifically designed for CELDC graduates:

Program:      CELDC P.L.U.S. 

Length:          5 weeks (10 hours total)

When:            Thursdays in August and September (20th, 27th, 3rd, 10th, 17th)

Time:              11am – 1pm EDT, 10am-12pm CDT, 8am- 10am PDT

You’ll come away with:

  • All of the new 12 CELDC Modules (highlighted to show you recent changes)
  • The P.L.U.S. Factor (the new model at the foundation of the CELDC program)
  • In-class coaching demos of how to leverage groundbreaking neuroscience research in your coaching

This is the ONLY TIME I’ll be doing this fast-track, 5-week program. After our fall session, you can only access the material in the 12-week format with Fran and at the normal R&R (Refresh & Recharge) price point ($897).


The 5-week CELDC P.L.U.S. program is available only to CELDC coaches. Regularly $897. Register before Friday, August 14th, it’s only $747, or 2 payments of $397.

Register:            Click here to register

Apply $150 coupon:              VIPSAVE150

DID YOU ATTEND OUR PREVIEW CALL? Contact April for your $300 coupon code (good through Friday, August 7th).


Will this renew my credential? If you need to renew your CELDC credential, this 10-hour program will fit the bill!

What if I can’t attend live? You can still register and access the audio archives. With a short learning review, you can count the training towards your 10-hour credential renewal.

In addition to what you’ve already described, what else will I walk away with?

  • Immediately get at the root of clients’ problems, challenges, and frustrations.
  • Use a brain-friendly approach to make change easier for your clients.
  • Teach clients how to accelerate their success.
  • Plus all the updates included in the new CELDC curriculum.

Feel free to reach out to Shelly Cantrell, Program Advisor, with any questions you may have or to process your registration via phone: (877) 659-3769 ext. 1 or Shelly@TheAcademies.com

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