Coaching Insights What the Pope’s Visit Taught Me about Change

pope-francis-coming-to-america-2015If you watched the news lately, you know that the Pope visited America last week. I have a different faith tradition, yet truly appreciated seeing him conduct mass at Madison Square Garden, talk to Congress, feed the poor.

But something less-publicized is what really impressed me. Apparently the Vatican recently decided to honor Martin Luther. You remember that little spat back in the 1500’s that led to Luther being excommunicated? Five hundred years later, Luther’s name will be given to a prominent hilltop square in Rome. Talk about unity. I imagine God is smiling about that!

The Coaching Application

This made me wonder… what are the things that we believe today that we might not believe tomorrow? What are today’s stories, myths, frames that we have created, hold dearly, and cling to tightly when, come tomorrow, we will think differently about?

What does it take to be open? Here are my personal musings on the subject:

  • A sense of gratitude – a sense that we are wired from birth to be curious and continually learn, evolve, and shape our reasoning
  • A sense of peace – a sense that we will be okay if we explore and adopt new beliefs, even if others around us see things differently
  • A sense of love – a sense that we are being cared for by God, with a daily invitation to see more clearly the love that is surrounding and leading us

What are the new beliefs taking shape in your brain? Happy pondering!

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