Coaching Leaders Out of Fight-Flight and into Flourish-Flow

Do you coach leaders and executives?

If so, you probably already know that they face a great deal of stress. Part of our job as coaches is to help calm the leader’s frazzled and fragmented brain so they can refocus on a vision and tap into strengths-based strategies to move forward.
 Getting to the Root

Rarely is the root of the problem immediately in front of them. More likely, it’s how they’re addressing the problem. If they are operating from a fight-flight perspective:

  • “We’ve gotta get this fixed.”
  • “We’ve gotta make our quota.”
  • “We’ve gotta make sure our competitor doesn’t out-compete us.”

Research shows that they are robbing themselves of the optimal brain capacity they need to tap into the root of the issue.

The next time you notice executive clients bulldozing through life, creating fight-flight for themselves and the people they lead, create awareness (ICF core competency #8) around which zone they are operating in!

Then proceed to coaching the person, not the problem. In doing so, you invite flourishing and dissipate fight-flight!

Bonus Brain-Friendly Coaching Question“If you remove the worry from this equation,
how would you approach this differently?”

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