Create! No Creativity Required

For years, I struggled with the word “creativity.” I thought it was reserved for artists or actors or interior designers. I also felt “less-than” when it came time to express my vision for the companies I owned or the projects I led. In my mind, I just never seemed to be able to see very far into the future.

As I’ve study neuroscience and brain-friendly approaches to coaching, I’ve come to reframe the concept of creativity. Nowadays, I look at creativity from the viewpoint of simply being intentional about what I want, and exploring what part of that I can control or influence.

And, “what I want” can fall into a couple of simple categories:

  • How I want to BE
  • What I want to DO
  • What I want to HAVE

These Be-Do-Have categories are probably familiar to you if you’re a coach. We can play TinkerToys® with them as we approach any task that’s before us. For example:

When heading into an important meeting:

  • How do I want to BE?
    Perhaps it’s Curious, or Collaborative, or Assured, or Strategic.
  • What do I want to DO?
    Perhaps it’s Ask a strategy question, or Speak up 10% more than I usually do, or Tap into different people’s insights.
  • What do I want to HAVE?
    Perhaps it’s 3 new options for addressing a challenge, or a Clear process for moving forward, or Delegation of tasks with clear deliverables and timelines.

Try it yourself for anything that’s on your mind—whether an upcoming meeting, or a difficult relationship, or a project that is due, or a task you’ve been putting off, or a vacation you are planning.

Create means recognizing we have choice in the midst of EVERY circumstance. Choices about how we want to BE, what we want to DO, and what we want to HAVE.

Enjoy your CREATE-IVE juices!


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