Do You Ever Beat Yourself Up?

>> If you are going on a 50-mile journey, do you berate yourself at mile 1, and mile 2, and mile 7, and mile 37 because you’re not there yet?

>> If you have planted a garden, do you shame the plants that have not yet flowered?

>> If you are pregnant (or someone you know is!), do you belittle the little being inside for not being ‘finished’ yet?

Many of us are great at shaming ourselves! When we haven’t made enough money, lost enough weight, followed through on a bright idea, churned out every deliverable on time…we start the negative narrative in our heads that says we aren’t enough, weren’t enough, or didn’t get it right.

The reality is, we are always in process. Always. Always. Always. It is never finished. We are never finished. The people around us—clients, team mates, bosses, family members—are never finished.

That lack of finality can be difficult for our brains to be content with. When you experience this sense of discontent, pause, breathe, and revisit a favorite mantra, such as “Life is a gift, not a test.”

Join me today in the invitation to not beat yourself up … and enjoy the journey.

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