Every Thought is an Affirmation

Affirmations not working?!?! Consider this: Every silent thought or spoken word is an affirmation! Yes, every time we think a thought or open our mouths to speak, we signal our mind and body with positives or negatives.

If our thoughts are negative, we have affirmed to ourselves that those thoughts and feelings are true. For example, have you ever heard these negative thoughts from an out-of-work job seeker?

  • “I don’t have enough money.”
  • “They’ll never hire me.”
  • “People will think I’m pushy if I send that request for an info interview.”

If our thoughts are positive we have also affirmed to ourselves that those thoughts and feelings are true. For example, these positive thoughts from an out-of-work job seeker:

  • “I have enough.” (or this variation) “I am learning to see that I have enough.”
  • “I can change the way I interview to emphasis value and ROI.”
  • “I love to be a blessing to people and infuse my enthusiasm and interests into info interviews.”

The negative affirmations (disguised as thoughts) subtly stress us and cause a fight-flight response. When we think those thoughts all day long, we produce a perennial fight-flight response, which is a huge drain on our physical and emotional resources.

Dawson Church, in his book The Genie in Your Genes, describes how we are much “dumber” when we live in a state of fight-flight. In that state, more than half of the blood supply drains from the frontal lobes of our brains and shifts to the large muscle groups. We literally have fewer mental resources because we trigger this reduction in blood supply to the neurons in the forebrain.

With the added adrenalin and cortisol of fight-flight, we also cannibalize the body’s resources for immune system health and cell regeneration. Dawson notes that being able to control the fight-flight response can add 7-18 years to our lifespan!

Dawson goes on to say that if you send a signal through a neuropathway repeatedly, in just one hour, the number of neuroconnections doubles. In essence, you’re doubling your capacity to think that thought. If it’s a repetitive stressful thought, those bundles double and double and double and double.

As we grow as coaches, we can support people to double for the good (and not the bad!)—creating a state of flow and flourish that increases their options, energy, and success!

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