Evidence That You ALWAYS Have What You Need

I often say “You have everything you need, right now.” Sometimes, that statement can be hard to wrap our heads around because we are so conditioned to look for the MATERIAL evidence that we have what we need. But “everything you need” encompasses more than just the material. It is our thoughts that lead to the creation of the material, so let’s start there.

Think about your STRENGTHS. They are evidence of the ever-present “everything you need” in this world. Strengths are signs that we have what we need already, right in front of us, right here, right now. Strengths give us the tools to create, to strategize, to take action.

Whatever you might be facing today, look to your strengths. One of them will equip you to create the inspiration you need, the ideas you need, the action you need to take.

For example, here’s how a few different StrengthsFinder strengths apply if you are looking to dig yourself out a downward spiral:

>> Connectedness – “one who seeks to unite others through commonality” – Someone with the Connectedness strength could reach out to others to connect, refresh, and recharge.

>> Analytical – “one who requires data and/or proof to make sense of their circumstances” – Someone with the Analytical strength could objectively analyze his circumstances to recognize that one or two set of circumstances should not cause his viewpoint to be “universalized” to all circumstances.

>> Input – “one who is constantly collecting information or objects for future use” – Someone with the Input strength could look up research studies on motivation, optimism, or future-mindedness to jumpstart motivation.

What strength will be your focus today?

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