Throughout life, we never stop growing. I’m not talking about that Christmas cookie weight gain, I’m talking about the brain. Growth can sometimes look a lot like struggle, but it always leads to a stronger and more enlightened you. Let’s take a couple minutes and G.R.O.W. together.

GROW stands for Gratitude, Reach, Oxygenate Your Options, Walk Out the Win.

Gratitude: Did you know that positive emotions kick-start feel-good neurotransmitters? The more positive emotions we have present throughout the day, the easier it is to stretch, reach, and take actions toward success.

Positive thoughts active the prefrontal cortex (area of the brain responsible for making judgments and decisions). Conversely, negative thoughts activate the limbic system (fight/flight/freeze area of the brain that alerts us to danger and keeps us in panic mode).

Reach: Visioning is an important coaching technique that engages the neocortex (the center of higher mental functions in the brain). To vision is to imaginatively project yourself into the future to set goals.

When we picture our goals vividly, our brains reward us with a healthy dose of dopamine. According to Psychology Today, dopamine not only helps us to envision rewards but helps us take the necessary actions to move toward them.

Oxygenate Your Options: Our brains can naturally “see” more options, or even methods for coming up with more options when it’s fueled with oxygen and positive emotion.

Options dismiss and dispel the impression that we have no hope. They quell and quiet the fight-flight-freeze response and put us into possibilities-provision-perseverance mode.

Walk Out the Win: As you grow success in the garden of your brain, it’s really important to translate those thoughts and insights into action-traction… the phase where choices are made that move us forward.

As coaches, we refer to this as “action steps.” So today, I encourage you to treat yourself like you do your best client. Take 5 minutes, and consider your growth opportunities. What action steps can you take to make those come to life?

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