How To Handle Uncertainty

How do you handle uncertainty? How do your clients handle uncertainty?

Uncertainty comes in all shapes and sizes:

> Will there be enough paycheck at the end of the month?

> Will we make our financial goals at the office?

> Will so-and-so fly off the handle when I deliver negative feedback to him?

Uncertainty is often fraught with worry, anxiety, and worst-case scenarios. We can project into the future an outcome—usually negative—for how the situation will resolve.

And as we project negative into the situation, we subtly tell our brain to be on the lookout for those negative things. And, voila, the self-fulfilling prophecy takes effect.

In coaching, support your clients to learn how they best manage uncertainty. Here are a few ideas:

> Reframe the uncertainty as “opportunity.”

> Visualize yourself being successful in the various ways the situation might play out.

> Brainstorm how your strengths support you in walking through the uncertainty.

> Use mindfulness and observational techniques, such as “I am curiously noticing that I’m projecting a negative outcome for the future. I am now choosing to envision a positive outcome.”

> Breathe deeply. Breathe again. One more time.

Try on a few of these ideas today for any uncertainty you’re facing. Enjoy!

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