I Can’t Find My Keys

By Rachel Grima, Client Services Manager

When I was much younger my mom had this habit of putting her keys in a different place each night. Each morning we would be on our way out the door and my mother would exclaim: “I can’t find my keys.” Which led to her running around the house opening cabinets, drawers, looking under the dog’s bed, and everywhere else she could think of. Unable to find her keys she would offer me a quarter if I could find them. At that age, I thought a quarter was a pretty big deal! I had this knack for finding her keys even if she put them in the freezer or the flower pot in the backyard. I just had this sixth sense about where her keys were and usually, I was able to find them in no time at all and we would be on our way.

Already late, I would find myself strapped into the car and my mother launching into one of her great life lessons. Usually, our 30-minute car ride turned into 40 or 45 minutes because she’d be so impassioned in her speech that she would forget where she was going! We’d find ourselves across town and she’d exclaim: “Oh! I needed to turn right 10 blocks back.”

As a child, I promised myself that I would NOT be this way. I would never forget my keys and I definitely would never forget where I was going. Fast forward 15 years to a typical early morning, me frantically running around my apartment yelling at my husband and asking him if he’s seen my keys. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been caught up in a story while I’ve been driving, and you guessed it, found myself across town 15 miles out of the way from where I meant to be.

It’s funny that as a child, in those moments, I focused on the things that didn’t really matter. I failed to see my mother’s wisdom, patience, kindness, and compassion, to name just a few of her amazing qualities. I told myself, “I would NEVER be” rather than, “I can’t wait to be.” This story often reminds me to view things in perspective. To not let fear of the challenge or fear of the unknown blind me from seeing the full story that contains an amazing and beautiful opportunity or experience.

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