Invent A Holiday

pexels-photo-249209 (2)If you were to invent a holiday, what would you celebrate?

We just finished Valentine’s Day, and there are more holidays and celebrations on the 2017 calendar, to be sure.

I wonder how people came up with holidays in the first place! In some cases, the holiday may have formed out of simple moments of gratitude that grew over time (e.g., Thanksgiving). Others might be more intentional, such as with the loss of a magnificent person whom we want to remember (e.g., Martin Luther King, Jr.).

If you were going to create a holiday or celebration, WHAT WOULD YOU CALL IT?

How would you celebrate it?

How would you make sure it didn’t become commercialized, filled with obligations and expectations?!

Chances are that your holiday is rooted in a VALUE that is important to you. When we pay attention to our values, we live in gratitude and creativity and ease. When we ignore our values, we find conflict and stress and frustration.

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