Job Search Strategy-Balancing Mindset & Mechanics

Got coaching skills? And now looking for more mechanics?!

At The Academies, I’ve stressed the importance of balancing the M&Ms—the Mindset & Mechanics—in order to accomplish goals:

     Mechanics = developing and executing great strategies.

     Mindset = thinking and feeling optimistic, buoyant, resilient.

Here’s a quick M&M tip/technique to share with job seekers that balance both Mindset and Mechanics.

TIP: Our brains don’t enjoy realizing we’ve been wrong or uncourageous, so if you tell a job seeker that they need to double or triple their networking time, they may nod their heads obediently but their brain may be saying “I can never do that” or “I don’t even want to do that!”

An M&M Technique

If your client is hesitant, that’s when the “incremental increase” technique can come in handy. Ask your job seeker client to draw a pie and divide the pie into wedges that represent where he is spending most of his time in the job search. It may look something like this first graphic, with the greatest amount of time spent on searching online postings and tweaking the resume.

Tweaking Time Spent in Job Search - Before

Next, ask the client to shift those pie slices to show just a 5-10% increase in the areas that would give him the most leverage. For example, reducing the time on online postings by 5-10% and increasing the time talking to real human beings by 5-10%!

Tweaking Time Spent in Job Search - After

Small increments create big results. We can easily solve for 5-10%. If your client increases 5-10% each week, in a month, there will be 20-40% improvement!

More tips on how to improve your client’s job search strategy here!

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