Julia Child Wasn’t Always Julia Child

I watched one of my favorite foodie movies this weekend, Julie & Julia. Based on Julia Child’s start in cooking and intertwined with blogger Julie Powell’s 2002 challenge to cook all the recipes in Child’s first cookbook.

Several lines in the movie caught my attention:

“Julia Child wasn’t always Julia Child.”

If you’ve been stirred to do something big but think to yourself, “who am I to …” — remember that everyone who is famous today was not born famous (save a few royals or the progeny of a movie stars).

They all started somewhere. When Julia Child got married, she could barely boil an egg, or at least that’s what was portrayed in the movie!

“You have no real talent for cooking.”

This line of dialogue in the movie is attributed to a Mrs. Brassart, the head of the French cooking school Julia attended.

There will always be naysayers in our lives—people who think small, people who are jealous, people who are threatened by you.

When you encounter them, simply recognize the fear and scarcity in their thinking, consider whether their concerns might give you ways to improve, and then move on.

Julia Child loved food. Go do what you love. And you’ll be famous—or at least admired by yourself, as well as those who watch you do what you love.

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