Earn Your PCC: Our Level 2 Pathway

We’re on a mission.

And so are you.

We’re all here to grow, to evolve, to expand, to be who we were meant to be.

Coaching, in our humble opinion, is the BEST way to make that happen.

So whether you want to start, continue, or finish your coach training – we invite you to become an effective, well-trained coach. 

Qualify to earn your International Coaching Federation (ICF) ACC or PCC credential through our Level pathway.

    Benefits of an ICF Coaching Credential

    • Add credibility to your coaching practice
    • Develop and advance your ability to support change
    • Deepen your confidence in navigating challenging client scenarios
    • Take advantage of the growing trend in professional coaching that is now a $3B industry
    • Meet the ICF credential prerequisites that many organizations seek for professional coaching positions

    Advantages of our Level 2 Pathway

    Have a Guaranteed, Simple Roadmap:
    We take the guesswork out of figuring out the several paths to qualifying for an ICF credential.

    Skip the Stress of an ICF Oral Evaluation
    You don’t have to submit an audio of your coaching to be evaluated by ICF, like you would in the portfolio path to credentialing.

    Fast-Track your ICF Credential Application
    Our Level 2 program shaves off months of waiting once you submit your application to ICF.

    Save Extra
    Our Level 2 program saves you at least $200 on your application fee with ICF.


    The Academies’ Career & Leadership Coach Program with Neuroscience Foundation Program is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Level 2 Coaching Education Program, for a total of 125 coach training hours.

    How It Works

    The ICF PCC credential requires 125 hours of training and 10 hours of mentor coaching to qualify (plus your client coaching hours and additional requirements). You must enroll in your first program within 6 months from the purchasing date for the Level 2 package.  We recommend no less than two classes per year, although it is possible to finish all four in one!

    Roadmap to Your PCC

    What the Academies Provides

    • 125 training hours
    • 10 mentor coaching sessions
    • PCC Marker Assessment 
    • Countless tools and worksheets to use with clients

    Additional Requirements
    (on your part) for the PCC

    • Log 500 hours of client coaching
    • Pass ICF Credentialing Exam
    • No audio submission required

    Additional Requirements
    (on your part) for the ACC

    • Log 100 hours of client coaching
    • Pass ICF Credentialing Exam
    • No audio submission required

    What’s Included?

    Academies LEVEL 2 pathway

    Earn the training and mentor coaching hours you need to qualify for the PCC (or ACC)!

    Career Management Coach Program
    Executive & Leadership Development Coach Program
    Academies Strengths Coach Program
    Leadership Engagement & Impact Coach Program
    PCC Marker Assessment

    TOTAL: 125 hours
    *This program also includes 10 mentor coaching sessions



    All classes are offered in a distance learning format using the platform Zoom.

    Virtual Student Portal

    The student portal, currently housed on Vimify.com, provides access to modules, forums, recordings, featured resources, and class announcements.

    Pricing and Registration

    For more information and pricing/registration details, please contact Brittany Macdonald at 559-547-8202 or coaching@theacademies.com