Life Change Lessons Learned from Daylight Savings Time

10930116_10207131958432271_8184802817037398513_nThe clocks changed one week ago today. Do you notice it still? Chances are you did for the first day or two, but by now, you’re probably in the swing of things. You barely notice that getting up at 7am (or 6am or 5am) is really getting up at 6am (or 5am or 4am) on your body clock, right?

Why is it the new norm? Three reasons:…

1. It’s a small change – It’s just 1 hour. Not 2 or 5 or 8.

2. It’s a social norm – Most of North America, Europe, and the Middle East observe it. If you don’t ‘get on board,’ you’re living in an alternate reality.

3. You’ve accepted it – You’re not fighting yourself every hour of the day or reminding yourself each morning, “it’s really 5am, even though my alarm clock says 6am.”

What if we did the same with other changes we’d like to see in our lives? Take being happier (we all want that, right?), for example.

1. Small change – Start small. For example, pause at 9am and 9pm each day to feel/experience 90 seconds of gratitude.

2. Social norm – Surround yourself with people who are happy, who study happiness, who research/write about happiness (check out Applied Neuroscience Institute on Facebook as a start).

3. Accept it. Lovingly – Stop judging yourself for not having mastered whatever change you’re after. Start accepting where you are as “enough” and “abundant,” right now.

What do you want your “new norm” to be?!

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