Listen Responsibly! Heroin & Music Effects On Brain

Do you have a song that just sends you into the stratosphere?

I have a few…several from Adelle’s latest album…several from Maroon 5…several from Il Divo…and a number of classical pieces. When I cue these up, in a matter of seconds, I’m bouncing, smiling, and soaring.

And now we have scientific evidence of why that’s so.

Researchers at McGill University used a drug that dulls the ‘hedonic’ system of the brain, blocking specific opioid receptors—the same receptors that are excited by heroin.

They then played music to test subjects—pieces that would normally be described as their favorite songs—but with the opioid receptors blocked, the test subjects responded with little emotional reaction. “It’s not doing anything for me,” said one test subject, even though he knew he loved that particular song.

Bottom line: the phrase, “music is my drug,” is true.

So, be responsible and pump up your play list … on your next coffee break, on your commute, as you begin your next team meeting. A happy brain is a brilliant brain!


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