Love Can Literally Grow Your Brain

Have you seen the disturbing brain scan of two 3-year-old’s brains side-by-side? Check it out here:

One brain in the picture is significantly larger than the other. The reason for such a difference is that the child with the larger brain was loved and nurtured, while the child with the smaller brain experienced extreme neglect.

The researchers posit that this damage makes it virtually impossible for the child to become a well-adjusted adult. The neglected child will be less intellectually intelligent, less emotionally intelligent, and more prone to addictions or a life of crime.

I have to wonder, however, if there isn’t some hope. What if we, as adults, lavished our own brains with love and nurturing? What if we practiced compassion on ourselves on a regular basis? Would it not result in you having a bigger, healthier brain?

Apply it now! Try starting with this simple statement: “I wish me deep and significant wellbeing.”

How do you practice loving, nurturing thoughts and actions towards YOU?


Image Attribution: Copyright: <a href=’’>fberti / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

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