Make “V” Day, “Me” Day

brain heart shaking hands aligned coherence 123rf 15817148_sValentine’s Day – “V” Day – is good, right? It’s an opportunity to remind those around us of our love and appreciation.

But this Valentine’s Day, I’m also inviting myself to do something a little different. Instead of it just being “V” Day, I’m also making it “Me” Day…by loving myself.

This is NOT just about self-care, like having space to do the things that feed my soul.

This is more about absolutely loving who I am, how I’m wired, what makes me special. It’s about giving me the forgiveness and grace to not have it all figured out, to not be perfect, to not shame myself for the areas of my life that I haven’t gotten a gold star on.

That spells LOVE. Complete love. Real love. And the more I apply it to myself, the more I am filled to overflowing, and the more it spills out to those I live, work, and play with… such that they don’t feel the strictness by which I judge myself also morphing into an unspoken judgment about them, as well.

When we hold ourselves to impossibly high standards, it sends the subtle message that we expect the same of others, even if we deny it. It’s an unintended consequence of shaming ourselves.

So this “V” Day, don’t forget to do a little lovin’ on yourself!

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