Connection is Your Superpower

Our theme for the month is CONNECTION. Especially as many are still experiencing shelter-in-place conditions, or navigating the after-shocks of the pandemic and societal shifts.

Like many of you, I sit alone in my home office many hours each day. Despite the Zoom calls and classes, I notice that loneliness can creep in.

I find myself wanting to ask so many of you: “How are YOU … really?”

  • What are you going through, and how are you holding up?
  • What challenges are you facing and how do you feel about them?
  • Who is there, or not, to face the challenges with you?
  • Who is standing nearby, offering hope and calm to help carry on?


The Lorenz “butterfly effect” suggests that small changes can have large effects.

We can trust that small CONNECTION points can have large impacts.

  • Connection is energy: Expansive, reverberating, comfortable, warm, creative.
  • Disconnection is also energy: Contracted, separating, uncomfortable, cold, reactive.

It takes a bit of energy to initiate a reach out–whether it be a text, a phone call, a social media connection, etc. And yet, once I do, I notice the energy usually returns in exponential order.

To all of you who so intentionally and faithfully create CONNECTION with the people you live, work, and play with: THANK YOU.

You are adding expansive, reverberating, comfortable, warm, and creative energy to the world. It makes a difference.

I can feel it.

Can you?

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What Wants to Happen

Nature always teaches.

Observe it and find the next lesson to learn.

This picture of Horseshoe Bend speaks to what wants to happen.

That’s how the bend was formed. Water flowing its natural path.

There’s a bend in our country right now, as the conversation on racism grows and flows.

Where does the river want to go?

What wants to happen?

To find the path of least resistance, first, be aware of the resistance.

In this situation, resistance to me, as a white person, can look like “I’m not responsible” or “The problem is so big and I’m only one person” or “I don’t have the time or energy or money to take action.”

Resistance to “what wants to happen” drains me, you, all of us, of energy.

Flow toward “what wants to happen” creates energy. I see flow in the demonstrations. I hear it in the black voices: “I’m exhausted at this”…”you’re lucky we just want equality and not revenge”…”the system is built on faulty ground.”

What wants to happen?

Justice, dignity, equality, acknowledgement, restoration, opportunity, and change come to mind.

With love, healing, hope, and action…


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Acceleration — Speeding Up the Slowdown, Accelerating the Speedup

The last few months with the pandemic have been full of polarities and paradoxes.

Slowing down, speeding up.

The Slow Down

We’ve had to slow our lives down. And we’ve had to do that slow down FAST.

Overnight, everything stopped. No extra trips out-and-about for clothes shopping, or kids’ soccer practices, or dinner out, or birthdays, weddings, or Mother’s Day. No super-charged calendars that caused us to take for granted the color of the blue clear skies and the sound of the birds singing.

If you were sheltered-in-place with family members or a spouse/partner, things slowed down in that area of your life, too. When people are living on top of each other, there is NO speeding past the bumps-and-grinds that a close relationship inevitably brings. Things that bugged you in your partner became magnified because there weren’t the usual distractions we use to mask what needs attention.

As a friend of mine said recently, ‘yeh, it’s forced us to sit in our sh*t.’ Finally, things that hadn’t been addressed are getting addressed.

And on the professional front, slowing down to check-in with colleagues has become paramount. No more rushing past co-workers with a quick “How’s it going?” or “Did you have a good weekend?” Now, the question has become, “How are you … for real?”

Employees are at home parenting toddlers, home-schooling kids, or experiencing isolation. (A special shout-out to the single parents of the pandemic.) They need connection. They need heard. They need encouraged.

Nothing like the vice-grip of life to get our attention to focus on the important stuff … like people and relationships.

The Speed Up

The speed-up themes that seem most prevalent are the need to pivot, and pivot fast.

For many, product offerings that used to work stopped working. Marketing messaging needed adjusted so as to not sound tone deaf. Virtual working arrangements and team communications needed rapid attention.

Crisis Accelerates Two Things

Crisis absolutely accelerates:

  • Mindfulness: We’ve had to stop, pause, and ask ourselves what we’re actually experiencing, grieving, and needing?
  • Change: We’ve had to ask ourselves, what wants to happen? What would bring life and benefit and value to our current relationships, customers, community, and world?

How about you? What’s rapidly slowed down in your world? What pivots have you made … and been proud of? What is aching to happen in your life and work?


If you’re interested in career coaching, one of the programs we’ve changed up to meet current needs is our Certified Career Management Coach program. It’s now a fast-track 8-week accelerated course. Next class starts in about four weeks. Contact for more info.

If you’re interested in keeping your teams connected using a peer coaching approach, ask about our upcoming “Create C.A.L.M. and Carry On” program! Contact for more info.

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BIG NEWS! We’ve cut pricing in HALF! Here’s why…

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is allowing ACTP/ACSTH training organizations like ours to change its proportion of live learning hours.

Due to COVID-19, ICF recognizes that the world, now more than ever, needs coaches as we navigate the pandemic.

Career coaching is especially needed, given 26 million people looking for work!

That means, if you’ve ever wondered about getting an Academies’ career coaching credential, NOW IS THE TIME. We can offer you:

  • An 8-week fast-track to the Certified Career Management Coach credential.
  • A once-in-a-lifetime* opportunity to save approx. 50% on the program.

IMPORTANT: ICF is allowing this change ONLY through December 31st of this year.

That means:

  • WE are working feverishly to reconfigure our schedules and curriculum, so
  • YOU can take advantage now!

The next Certified Career Management Coach program starts May 20th.


Call Rebecca for more info at 559-547-8200 or email

This IS one small silver lining in the midst of an unprecedented unemployment rate!


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