Certified Tough Transitions Career Coach

Frequently Asked Questions About the Certified Tough Transitions Career Coach Program

How people choose, launch, and manage their careers has changed in the last decade. Many people who could succeed with little assistance in the past are now facing tough career transitions – professionals in contracting industries, business owners who must find employment, those whose careers were interrupted by having children, career changers, talented ex-pats and immigrants with overseas education and experience, university grads, and more.

The Certified Tough Transitions Career Coach Program gives you a proven process and targeted techniques to help clients transitioning from unemployment, under-employment, or unhappy employment. Your new confidence and expertise will allow you to serve  clients at all levels, and build your business by coaching the growing number of people making tough career transitions!!!

Other benefits you’ll receive:

  • 5-Step Framework that has helped thousands of jobseekers find their motivation, choose their career, and land a job . . . Surprise: the first step is NOT “get clear on your focus”!
  • A 3-part model to clarify job and career direction . . . we start with “Fascinations”!
  • A unique approach and 9 rules for getting employers to ‘buy’ proof of qualifications from non-transition, unpaid, and non-employment experiences
  • A 5-step process for saying the hard things to clients in a supportive way
  • 6 very practical solution tools to overcome barriers, from over-qualification to no experience and everything in between
  • Fresh, proven ways for clients to cut their job search time by circumventing the current ‘crowd control’ measures and get directly to decision-makers who can hire them
  • A simple, effective approach to helping each client craft an individualized job search strategy to highlight their qualifications, minimize distractions, and prove they are an ideal fit for the job
  • Dozens of examples clients can use to “language”  the interactions with employers

The “tough transition” scenarios:

  • Commonalities of Tough Transitions, from three perspectives: the job seeker, the employer, and the coach.
  • Contracting Industries, including loss of work due to downsizing, off-shoring, company closure, and industries in decline.
  • Major Career Change/Unrelated Work, including change of what you do (skills, title), where you do it (industry, sector), or both.
  • Business Ownership, including business closure, sale of a business, seeking supplementary income while running a business, and strategies for those who have done ‘consulting’ or project work.
  • Long-term Unemployment and Gaps in Employment, including strategies for current gaps, past gaps, and returning from retirement. Bonus: Strategies for recent relocation.
  • Education, including overeducated, distracting degrees, and strong education without practical experience. BONUS: Strategies for little or no education.
  • Military Service, including transferring and translating skills, and making the cultural shift to the civilian workforce. BONUS: Strategies for ‘dishonorable’ or less-than-honorable’ discharge.
  • Personal Issues, including recovery from a health trial, financial challenges, and more. Bonus: Strategies for trailing spouses.
  • Family Issues, including returning to work after raising children, divorce, being widowed, or ending an international assignment and re-entering the US workforce.
  • Ageism and Wageism, including those transitioning by choice or force after 50, returning retirees, and those worried about age/wage discrimination (being too highly paid).


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How to Become Certified
To earn the designation of Certified Tough Transitions Career Coach, you must complete The Academies’  6-week tough transitions course and a multiple choice Learning Review. The completion of the 6-week course and learning review will allow you to display the unique CTTCC logo and market yourself a “Certified Tough Transitions Career Coach.”


Class sessions are done via teleseminar. You will call into a telephone bridge line. You will need a computer for obtaining email and downloading handouts. Also, if you don’t already have one, purchase a good quality telephone headset and use a telephone that is not dependent on a battery charge.

Time Commitment:

In addition to class-time hours, you will likely need to spend between one to two hours each week for reading pre-class material. Participants from other certification programs report spending client-facing time implementing new coaching concepts learned in class so you can immediately put new ideas into practice. For those adding job search coaching to your practice, you might also spend additional time updating your website or writing value statements to articulate the ROI  that coaching clients will receive.

This certification includes a beautifully designed unique logo. To earn the certification as a “Certified Tough Transitions Career Coach,” register below or contact Shelly Cantrell for details!

Tough Transitions Career Coach

Email Shelly for more details: Shelly@TheAcademies.com

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Taste Test

5 Steps for How to Say the Hard Things (audio)

How To Help Jobseekers Avoid Getting Screened Out (video below)

ICF CEU Credit: The CTTCC program will be submitted for Continuing Education (CCE) credit by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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