Tension—Is It Expanding or Contracting You?

Where are the tensions in your life? How do they show up? Are they masquerading as…

* Relationship conflict (differing opinions, methods, values)?
* Perceived lack of resources (money, time, ideas)?
* External forces (such as bosses or customers) that want you to do things with your time that don’t seem meaningful to you?

Tension is defined as an external force applied to an object to stretch or extend it. If we push against the tensions in our lives (e.g., differing opinions), we contract and shut down. We feel threatened by opinions that are different from ours. We become smaller or quieter in some way…we lose our truest voice.

If we allow the tensions to stretch and shape us, mission accomplished. We are bigger, stronger, deeper, more solid. We are more ok with who we are, and ok with others being who they are.

Move with, and not against, the tensions in your life.

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