The Academies’ 5th Annual Virtual Bootcamp

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November 5th, 6th & 7th, 2014


Susan Whitcomb and her Academies team are a treasure to the coaching community. The presentations offered in the Virtual Boot Camp 2014 program provided deeper insights into “Brain Based” coaching and practical advice to help our clients in career transition achieve their goals. The content was so rich – I had writer’s cramp! I am looking forward to reinforcing my understanding by listening to the recorded sessions.

Linda Van Valkenburgh, MS, CCMC, CJSS, CSMCS, CELDC

Price for all 3 days is $597 

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  • All sessions co-led by Susan Whitcomb, with guest experts as indicated.
  • All sessions were recorded and will be delivered to you (mp3 format).

The Academies’ 5th Annual Virtual Bootcamp was held Nov 5-6-7! This year’s theme was “Brain Gain.” We applied neuroscience research to career/job-search coaching, putting scientific concepts into laymen’s terms, with the goal of coming away with very practical applications for breakthrough progress for your clients!

Wednesday, November 5th: DAY 1

12:00pm-1:15pm ET Brain-Based Coaching Basics: 2 Tools You Can Implement Today that Will Help Clients Succeed Tomorrow

You don’t need a PhD in neuroscience to be able to equip your clients with simple, practical, and proven tools that will help them experience success at levels they’ve never known before! Susan will share her new brain-based success scorecard, the key factor your clients need for brain-based success, and tools to target and track progress.

1:30pm-2:45pm ET The Pragmatic Optimist: How to Boost Clients’ Positivity without Making Them Feel Like Polyanna

“Look on the bright side. There’s a silver lining. The glass is half-full.” If these phrases sound like empty platitudes to you, you’re not alone. The last thing a discouraged client wants to hear is “it’ll all work out.” And yet, we know that optimism plays better than pessimism in the job search (or anything, for that matter). We’ll discuss the “Optimism Quotient” and how to change not just clients’ thinking, but their feelings about what is possible.

3:00pm-4:15pm ET Strengths-Based Job Search: Wrapping Job Search Activities in Strengths With Guest Expert Kate Duttro

We all know that strengths are the centerpiece of a client’s value in the marketplace. In this session, we’ll take strengths a step further and uncover how clients can leverage strengths to navigate an uncertain career transition, ease networking initiatives, and advance their job search.

Thursday, November 6th: DAY 2

12:00pm-1:15pm ET Sticks-and-Stones-May-Break-My-Bones Debunked: “Fight-Flight” Words Coaches Should Avoid

The ancient proverb, “The tongue has the power of life and death,” holds much truth. We can unknowingly send our clients into fight-flight mode by the words we choose. Learn key words/phrases to avoid, and, more importantly, how to control your words before they spill out of your mouth! Finally, learn the mirror-neuron effect of speaking words of life, hope, inspiration, and opportunity into clients’ lives!

1:30pm-2:45pm ET

Interviewing: How Brain-Based Strategies Shift Clients from Fight-Flight to Calm-Connect

Public speaking is often listed among the top 5 fears that we have in life. Interviewing is akin to public speaking, so it’s no wonder that clients often choke when it comes time to sitting down with potential employers. We’ll look at 3 “S’s” linked to brain-based success to help clients stay calm, cool, and connected during the interview!

3:00pm-4:15pm ET

Impervious to Negativity: Staying Perseverant when the Job Search Throws Clients a Curve With Expert Katherine (Kit) Prendergast

There is a brain-based reason why we have a tendency to pay more attention to the negative comments and situations in our lives instead of the positive ones! What would life be like if we were impervious to negativity? We’ll look at how and when we should pay attention to negativity without allowing it to derail us, along with how to grow the positivity-negativity balance in the right direction!

Friday, November 7th: DAY 3

12:00pm-1:15pm ET

Networking: From Angst and Anxiety to Ease and Effectiveness

There are tons of statistics in plain view for job seekers: networking is the most effective method of job search. And yet clients often gravitate toward the “spray-and-pray” method of posting resumes to job board openings. Join us to learn how to ease the anxiety around networking and shift clients into networking action that is comfortable, sustainable, and yields results.

1:30pm-2:45pm ET Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Strategies to Create Awareness of our Choice to Create & Succeed…or Flounder & Fail

Henry Ford said it well: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.” Are your job seekers forecasting failure or creating success with their thoughts? Actions follow thoughts. Outcomes follow actions. We’ll look at the missing link in this equation and how to shift the scales from flounder/fail to create/succeed!

3:00pm-4:15pm ET Breathe!…Brain-Based Techniques to Help Entrepreneurs Enjoy the Sales Conversation, Welcome Objections & Ask for the Business With Expert Kim Avery

Too often, entrepreneurs love the service side of their business (coaching, consulting) yet procrastinate on the business development side of their business (marketing, sales conversations, asking for the business). This session is guaranteed to make you more calm, hopeful, decisive, and strategic in your follow-through when it comes to the critical function of business development! Get ready to love every side of your business, and see what a difference it makes!!!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I apply my investment for the Virtual Conference to an upcoming Academies certification program?

  • A: Yes. If you register for the Virtual Conference, you’ll be able to apply the full amount of your investment before Friday, November 14th to any of our certifications. AND it will be a good way for you to get a taste test, which may help you decide where you’d like to start. Note, you would need to apply the investment to one of the spring 2015 classes (unless completely impossible – in which case, contact discuss). This includes: Certified Career Management Coach; Certified Job Search Strategist; Certified Tough Transitions Career Coach; Certified Social Media Career Strategist; Certified Get Clear, Get Found, Get Hired! Coach; or Certified Executive Leadership & Development Coach.

Q: Does the Virtual Conference count toward CEUs?

  • A: If you are applying the CEUs to an Academies certification like your CCMC, then the answer is “Yes!”
  • You may count 1.25 hrs per session on your CEU tracking sheet.
  • To receive ICF CCEs you had to attend the sessions live.

 Price for all 3 days is $597

Click HERE to Register.


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