The Bully in the Brain

We’ve all heard of the Gremlin/Saboteur – my favorite description is “the Bully in your Brain.” And, as coaches, we watch for this voice in our conversations with clients.

To help your clients, remember these three “S’s” that are often at the root of the “Bully”:

Scarcity – “You don’t have enough (money, time, resources). You will be left wanting.”
Shame – “You are not good enough, perfect enough, talented enough.”
Shunned – “If people knew the real you, they wouldn’t like/accept/respect you.”

Why is it important to be aware of these bully beliefs? Because, no matter how great your strategy, your clients will NOT make progress toward goals if these underlying beliefs are in place. And yet, these can be sensitive topics for clients to explore.

In the Certified Brain-Based Success Coach program, we share a KEY TECHNIQUE that allows you to explore beliefs (for yourself, as well as your clients) without sending people into fight-flight-freeze!

Bottom line: truly transformational breakthroughs.

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