The Coach’s Secret Weapon—Powerful, Priceless, Free.

How do you feel today? If you’re “up,” you have a good chance of being creative, on-task, and resilient. If you’re “down,” you are more likely to be unfocused, enervated, and unsettled by doubts, worries, and frustrations.

Why is that? It’s because …

Mood is a measure of chemistry.

Specifically, neural/body chemistry. The neurotransmitters floating through our brain and body are either going to contribute to us feeling happy, or unhappy. It’s a simple scientific equation.

In the words of one of my mentors at the Applied Neuroscience Institute, “Good feels good. Bad feels bad.”

Dopamine, serotonin, endorphins—they make us feel good. Conversely, too-frequent/too-sustained spikes of cortisol make us feel bad.

Years ago, Dr. Barbara Fredrickson conduced seminal research on the effect of positive emotions. She found that positive emotions, such as gratitude, peace, and joy (e.g., feeling good), broaden people’s “thought-action repertoires”—the ability to be creative and take action.

If you’re a coach who has a career client who has lost his job, teaching him to find the ‘juice’ that will enable him to be resilient is critical. If you’ve got a leadership client who has debilitating team conflict to resolve, helping her discover how to remain peaceful and calm is crucial.

shutterstock_89953267Chemistry is weaponry. Chemistry can either bury us in quicksand or buoy us to chart an inspired course through the sands of time.

Change your chemistry,
change your legacy.

The ability to control our mood is a game changer. In mere moments, when we focus on gratitude or peace or hope, we can deliver ourselves a powerful dose of dopamine. In effect, we are self-administering legal “drugs” that help us see new possibilities, be more proactive, and find the energy to persevere.

It’s critical for every coach to understand (and master for ourselves) the chemistry of emotion. It’s our secret weapon in helping clients shift perspective.

Chemistry. It’s powerful. It’s priceless. And it’s free.

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