The Danger of “UNIVERSALIZING” Bad Circumstances

Universalizing is a process where we take one “bad” situation and allow it to seep into every circumstance. For example,

“I tripped over the dog this morning … the whole day will go badly.”

Or, “My manager was abrupt with me this morning … no one likes me.”

Or, “My team isn’t pulling together … I’m never going to be a great leader.”

If you (or the people you work with) have a tendency to universalize unwelcome circumstances, learn to isolate the situation. If something went “wrong,” name 10 other things that went “right.”

What we focus on grows. Your brain, at this very minute, is engaging in synaptic pruning.”

> The things that are focused on (e.g., the universalizing of all that is wrong) create synaptic connections that are strengthened and added to.

> The things that don’t get focused on (e.g., all the other good things that we don’t articulate or contemplate) get marked by particular proteins—those synpases in the brain are then “pruned.”

You’ve heard that “perception is reality.” Indeed, it is. Because our brains create more beliefs that support what we focus on.

Start universalizing the good, and you’ll experience more good!

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