The Power of Negativity

Do you remember last week when your boss asked you to take on a new project and you doubted your abilities? Or when you let the unhappy client you were working with get you down for the whole day? What about when you had that second piece of cake and totally regretted it?

Negative thoughts can be powerful; powerful enough to distract from the goals at hand and how capable you are in the face of them. But what if we took a different approach to our negative thoughts? What if, instead of ignoring them, we learn to use them to motivate us? To get rid of distractions? To grow?

The goal is not to be rid of negative thoughts, but to learn to use them as an invitation to pivot to positive. To eliminate the power they have when we fear them, and to give them a voice instead. To allow them to spur your creativity to tap into your strengths, to recognize the power and choice that you have, to be on top of the circumstances instead of the circumstances being on top of us. The negative thoughts want to be heard too – so let them be! Eventually, you’ll notice they’re a lot more positive than before.


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