We All Lose When Your Brain Goes into “Duality” Thinking Mode

theacademies-ec067ae8-0708-4955-8f79-89d327ba61a6-v2Is your Brain in the mode of “Duality Thinking”? Duality thinking sounds like, “me vs you,” “us vs. them,” “one group vs. another.” We see Duality Thinking played out in teams, in business, in families, and more.

When you engage in Duality Thinking, you’re concerned about something that’s very different from how you are. Our brains are wired to see differences as threats, which only increases our sense of Duality, which down-spirals us into feeling more threatened.

The minute we feel threatened, we diminish our capacity to see different viewpoints. And we send off subtle signals in our facial and body language that we are a threat to others. Others then pull back, and the snowball of threat and defensiveness and disengagement snowballs.

The opposite of “Duality Thinking” is “Unity Thinking”: commonalities, shared humanity,  “you win means I also win,” “I win means you also win,” a universal abundance that is more than enough for all.

With Unity Thinking, we operate from a place of safety and curiosity. Our curiosity causes us to recognizes that someone simply thinks differently than someone else.

Don’t be threatened by someone being different from you. Be curious about the commonalities. And when it comes to reconciling two very contrasting thoughts, we can find unity in our shared humanity.

It comes down to the value of human life. If we can agree that the value of human life is the proverbial plumb line, that’s where we can reconcile differences, so that everybody wins.

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