What Do You NOT Want this Year?

The start of a new year is an opportunity to clarify what you want. You probably gave some thought to goals, and there are some who probably went so far as to commit them to paper and share them with an accountability partner.

Whether you established goals or not for 2016, give some thought to what you DON’T want for the new year.

I’ve chosen a pretty big “let-go-of” list—one person laughed out loud when she heard it! … as if it was impossible! I don’t blame her. My list is a lofty one, and includes items that society has subtly and overtly taught us to do for decades. Here’s my “Big 3” let-go-of list:

  • I don’t worry.
  • I don’t doubt.
  • I don’t disparage myself.

I have already missed the mark this year, but because I am not disparaging myself (we all know that silent voice inside our heads that can beat us up), I can quickly come back to focus on what I DO want—in place of worry, doubt, and disparagement, I want calm, abundance, and encouragement. I know that the latter three give me a neurochemical advantage over stress and fight-flight.

What would life look like for you this coming year, completely absent of worry? May it be so!

With heartfelt wishes for significance and success this coming year,


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