When Failure Isn’t What It Seems

By Rebecca Potts, Academic Services Coordinator

Failure is an ugly word.  It comes equipped with pointy fangs, twisty horns, and a dark cloud around it.  And it probably has really bad breath. Yuck.

But what if I told you you’re not looking deep enough?  What if there is more to failure than meets the eye? That when you pick apart the letters, you see that its fangs really aren’t that sharp, and they’re stuffed with some really fluffy filling called Opportunity.  And when you carefully examine its horns, you notice that they’re beautifully textured with a material called Vision and extend so high into the sky that you know from the top, you can see everything, you just have to start climbing.  And that dark cloud? If you look really closely, you can see a light far off in the distance, and no, it’s not a train. It’s called Hope. And you’ll notice, the more you get to know Failure, the brighter that light becomes.

If you think back to the last time you succeeded, you’ll realize that you probably failed a few times beforehand.  Each time, it may have felt discouraging and frustrating and you might have felt like giving up, but you didn’t. You kept trying.  You learned more, you grew more, and Failure was right beside you the entire time. So why did you succeed?

Because “Failure” taught you how.

So the next time Failure comes knocking at your door, invite it for dinner.  Let it get comfortable and don’t be afraid. It’s about to compassionately teach you a very valuable lesson.

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