Why Your Client’s “To Do” List Isn’t Getting Done

As a coach, you’ll find that most clients come to you with a goal. They also come with the expectation that a “To Do” list of strategic actions will be the bridge between where they are now and where they want to be.

And that is true…to a degree. The people you coach do need a “To Do” list to DO the things that will get them from point A to point B.

What’s also true is that they need a “To BE” list. Why? Because if they have a To Do list and the To Do list is not getting done (which is very likely, right? … they would not have come to you in the first place if they were already getting their to-do’s done), then we need to get at the root of what is stalling the To Do list!

First off, at the top of the To Do List, let’s add “Think differently.” Or better yet, “Feel differently.” When we feel differently (e.g., better), we think differently (e.g., better).

Then, create a To BE list. Here is my personal “To BE” list:

  1. Inspired.
  2. Self-Compassionate.
  3. In flow.
  4. Curious.
  5. Collaborative.
  6. Unrushed. And patient.
  7. Resilient.
  8. Self-Compassionate. (Yep, listed that twice on purpose.)
  9. Assured (that everything is working out for me.) Everything!
  10.  Grateful.

Start with yourself. What’s on your To BE list? Then try undergirding your To Do’s with your To Be’s and see what happens!


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