Your Dog REALLY Knows What You’re Saying… So Do Your Clients

Fascinating research on canines reveals that your dog can tell the difference between being told “good-boy” in a neutral tone vs “good-boy!” with a praising tone. That’s right.

Neuroscientists discovered that the left side of the dogs’ brains lit up in response to the word itself, but when delivered with a praising tone, the right side also lit up.

It took both the words of praise PLUS the intonation to light up the reward center of the brain. Bottom line: your pet knows when you’re truly praising them vs. just going through the motions.(More info:

And so do the people around us–clients, employees, bosses, team mates, family members, friends.

The next time it comes time to offer an affirmation, a praise, or a thank you to the people around you, PAUSE FIRST, and physically feel the appreciation, admiration, respect, love, etc. well up inside you.

Then offer your comments. Look people in the eye and smile when you say it … and see if that doesn’t cause greater connection (and some tails to wag)!!

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