Certified Career Management Coach Program


We’ve cut pricing in HALF!

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is allowing ACTP/ACSTH training organizations like ours to change its proportion of live learning hours.

Due to COVID-19, ICF recognizes that the world, now more than ever, needs coaches as we navigate the pandemic.

Career coaching is especially needed, given 26 million people looking for work!

That means, if you’ve ever wondered about getting an Academies’ career coaching credential, NOW IS THE TIME. We can offer you:

  • An 8-week fast-track to the Certified Career Management Coach credential.

  • A once-in-a-lifetime* opportunity to save approx. 50% on the program.

IMPORTANT: ICF is allowing this change ONLY through December 31st of this year.

That means:

WE are working feverishly to reconfigure our schedules and curriculum, so
YOU can take advantage now!

Read on to learn more about the Certified Career Management Program.

  • Core Competencies – Gain a solid understanding of the core coaching competencies and learn how to leverage each one to the fullest potential. These core competencies are integral, and a successful coach will lean on them in every conversation.
  • Coaching, What It Is And Isn’t – Learn what coaching is and what it’s not. Coaches are not advisors, therapists, or experts in their clients’ lives. Rather, coaches believe that

the client has the wisdom and answers, and the coach partners with them asking powerful questions and using direct communication to help them reach new “aha” moments.

  • Philosophy to Practicality – With repetition and routinization comes lasting change. Role-play new concepts each week in class and walk away from the program with over 20 forms containing assessments, exercises, and more to use with clients.


The Academies, Inc. | Career Coach Academy program is packed with rich content, providing coaching competencies and career management principles, tools, forms, and strategies that you’ll need to serve clients. For instance, program sessions include these topics:

  • Visioning, Career Coaching: 10 Truths Visioning Exercise; Career Paradise Exercise; Vision, Value, Vigor
  • Coaching: Competencies, Essentials & Differences between Coaching, Consulting & Counseling
  • 10 Keys to 21st Century Career Management: 3 Principles & 10 Keys
  • Structure of a Coaching Call: 3-part process to a coaching call, with Agenda, Awareness, and Action.
  • Master F.I.T. (External F.I.T.=Function, Industry/Interest, Things That Matter … Internal F.I.T.=Fulfillment, Identity, Type)
  • Career Assessments: Interest Inventory. Differences between debriefing assessments from the coach-approach vs. a consulting or counseling approach.
  • Career Assessments: Type/Temperament. Coach awareness of own Type and how it impacts your coaching, as well as awareness of client’s type and how to best coach different types.
  • Assessment: Purpose/Values. Coaching clients to create a compelling purpose statement. How values impact career choice and career management.
  • Career Reconnaissance: 10 Steps to Conducting Initial “Career Reconnaissance” session with a career explorer
  • Brainstorming & Exploration Strategies: Brainstorming Exercises; 5 Steps to Exploration and Decision/Commitment
  • Career Branding: The 3 A’s of Branding—Authentic Image; Advantages; Awareness
  • Networking: Uncovering networking roadblocks, coaching techniques to support networking, four types of networking contacts
  • Job Search | Resume | Interviewing: Highlights of Coaching Clients through Job Search and Interviewing
  • Promotable People: 10 Characteristics of Promotable People
  • Career Coach Marketing: Strategies to Market Your Career Coaching Business



ICF Approval: This 30-hour program of Core Competency Training is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a part of our Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)!


Foundational to becoming a good coach is the ability to master a unique communication style. To become a good coach you must practice with people–asking powerful questions to increase awareness and possibilities, listening interactively to hone in on unearthed truths or client hesitations, guiding the conversation without pushing your agenda or letting the client get sidetracked or derailed, and more.

These skills cannot be mastered in a weekend format (have you ever come back to your office after being at a great conference, only to forget half of what you’ve learned or be too busy to implement the other half?) Nor can coaching be mastered entirely by embarking on self-directed study or reading books (much the same as taking a course on music appreciation does not equip you to play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata). The Academies, Inc. | Career Coach Academy new 8-week format allows you to turn coaching theory into reality as you “practice coach” in a safe, small-group format and integrate it into your practice over a period of time.


James Beeman, PCC, Executive & Leadership Development Coach Instructor

Several years ago James was so stressed out from his job that he had a headache every single day from clenching his jaw and grinding his teeth. In fact, the stress of his job kept him up at all hours of the night and began to negatively impact his personal relationships like his new marriage. He was tired, he was miserable, and he began to think that he was hopeless.

James got his personal wakeup call when he ended up in the ER thinking he was having a stroke or a heart attack, because he was taking every conflict at work to heart and because he thought that every problem at work was all his fault.

That’s what it took for him to change – to strike out in a new direction – a new career where he can help people who are miserable at work, find new life and joy. By the way, James wasn’t crazy, when he quit his job, they hired three people to replace him.

In his quest to help hundreds of clients, James earned a Master of Arts in Management & Leadership with a 4.0 and multiple professional coaching and career certifications including the Certified Career Management Coach from The Academies, the Professional Coach Certification from the International Coach Federation, and theNeuroPositive® Coach License from the Applied Neuroscience Institute. Learn more about James at www.ClearCareer.us.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our class format has changed to accommodate temporary changes in synchronous hour requirements determined by the ICF.  We “meet” from the comfort of home/office via telephone bridge line for 8 weeks, for 2 hours each time. Total class hours are 30. The beauty of the 8-week program allows you the time and framework to assimilate, practice and execute the new systems, strategies, and communication styles learned. It also allows you to connect with your instructor and cluster-mates.

How much time will you spend in addition to class-time hours? Because of the increase in asynchronous hours, you will spend at least 2 hours each week completing follow up work from the previous class. Coaches have reported spending additional time implementing new coaching and marketing concepts learned in class (e.g., revising their web site to include coaching services; writing value statements to articulate the return-on-investment that coaching clients receive; setting aside “think” time to envision the direction they’d like to take their business, etc.).

See our calendar or email Rebecca at Rebecca@theacademies.com for upcoming dates and times.

If you wish to participate in 1-on-1 training, the program sessions will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time and can be compressed into a slightly shorter time frame or stretched to a slightly longer time frame–whatever will work best for your schedule.


Open Cohort Format: A group of 4-12 classmates; pricing and registration details please click HERE.

Individual Format (one-on-one): pricing and registration details please contact Rebecca Potts at Rebecca@theacademies.com or 559.547.8200.

Private Cohort: pricing and registration details please contact Rebecca Potts at Rebecca@theacademies.com or 559.547.8200.

Note: Contact Rebecca at (559) 547-8200 or rebecca@theacademies.com for more information and additional pricing options if you are registering two or more participants

Read More About Our Program Policy And Procedures Here: 

Required for the course is the “Co-Active Coaching” (4th edition) by Henry Kimsey-House, et al.

The first reading assignment from this book starts with Week 1. Should you wish to purchase through Amazon, this link will take you directly to the book at Amazon: here.

We use Zoom technology for all of our classes.  We highly recommend that you have access to a laptop or computer in order to download files and to download the Zoom app and test it 48 hours prior to your first class.

  • Attendance: Attend 13 of the 15 live class sessions
  • Evaluation: At the conclusion of the program, participants will take a short open-note, open-book multiple-choice exam. A vast majority of participants who have opted to sit for the credential have passed on the first time.
  • Mentor Coaching: 5 group mentor coaching sessions (approximately 1-hour each) can be purchased with our new format.
    • Mentor coaching is NOT required for individuals who hold an ICF credential (ACC, PCC, or MCC) or for coaches who have had mentor coaching sessions with a PCC level coach.
    • The group mentor coaching must be completed within 12 weeks after completion of the 15-week CCMC program. Missed sessions, without 24 hours prior notice, are billed.
    • In some instances, additional sessions will be necessary. Your mentor coach will keep you apprised of your progress.

Upon completion of the above requirements, coaches will receive a display certificate suitable for framing, a listing on The Academies’ Career Coach Academy web site to promote your credentials as a Certified Career Management Coach, and rights to use the CCMC logo. In addition, the credential also makes you eligible for other opportunities that Career Coach Academy pursues on behalf of CCMC practitioners.

Should you need to withdraw, the following options are available:

Transfer Option: Should you want to retake the course, with a starting date within 12 months of the original starting date (subject to space availability) – a $100 administrative fee applies and an additional charge equal to the difference in price if the program has increased in investment.

Withdrawal Option: Receive a refund equal to 90% of tuition (if withdrawing before class 2 – note that upon notifying us of withdrawal, we ask you to delete the program handouts website page and any files you have downloaded); no refund available after class 2.

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