Google’s big data has finally

uncovered THE KEY to increasing

leadership engagement and



The good news? 
You can use this key when coaching leaders.

Today, everyone is being asked to do more with less. The old-school “command-and-control” style of leadership—issue edicts, crack-the-whip, tighten controls—doesn’t work. Assembling a bunch of really smart people with Ivy League degrees doesn’t guarantee solutions either.

What does work? When Google studied its highest performing teams, it unearthed a concept known as “psychological safety.” Leaders create a culture where teams don’t fear asking “stupid” questions, presenting “half-baked” ideas, or missing the mark. Egos get out of the way, people connect, and the collective intelligence of the group co-creates what could never have been done in a silo.

The Certified Leadership Engagement and Impact Coach from The Academies is designed to leverage these latest findings about human potential! Equip yourself, your clients, your teammates with:

  • A Sustainable Process: Learn coaching strategies, models, and exercises that will move the needle forward on engagement and impact—whether organizational, entrepreneurial, or team leadership.
  • Mindset Mastery: Grow your client’s “Builder Brain” and tame the “Bully Brain” with practical, fun, neuroscience-based tools.
  • Fireproof Resilience: Imagine a “new normal” where disappointments and difficulties are met with a buoyant mindset… where we can live above, and not under, the circumstances.
  • Basic Brain Science: Understand what makes the brain experience psychological safety to feel safe, calm, and confident… and therefore willing to be open-minded to receive feedback, change, and grow.
  • Connector/Creator Agility: Broaden your clients’ “connector” acuity (even among introverts, individual contributors, or independent superstars) to create allies with coworkers, customers…just about anyone!

Finally, build “co-creator” muscles, with the confidence, clarity, and contagion to influence organizational vision, engagement, viable products/services, efficient logistics/systems—whatever the goal.

A Tip From Susan:


ICF Approval: This 30-hour program of Core Competency Training is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a part of our Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)!


Foundational to becoming a good coach is the ability to master a unique communication style. To become a good coach you must practice with people–asking powerful questions to increase awareness and possibilities, listening interactively to hone in on unearthed truths or client hesitations, guiding the conversation without pushing your agenda or letting the client get sidetracked or derailed, and more.

These skills cannot be mastered in a weekend format (have you ever come back to your office after being at a great conference, only to forget half of what you’ve learned or be too busy to implement the other half?) Nor can coaching be mastered entirely by embarking on self-directed study or reading books (much the same as taking a course on music appreciation does not equip you to play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata). The Academies, Inc. | Career Coach Academy 12-week format allows you to turn coaching theory into reality as you “practice coach” in a safe, small-group format and integrate it into your practice over a period of time.


Susan Britton, Founder and President of The Academies, Inc., is a leading authority on coach certification training using a proprietary blend of neuroscience research, behavioral change/performance improvement, and professional coaching competencies. Susan directs a team of 10 thought leaders who have trained and credentialed hundreds of professionals worldwide. Author of 7 books, including the best-selling Resume Magic, Susan is a frequent source for the media (The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, US News & World Report),

as well as an in-the-trenches, experienced leadership agility coach who has worked with of professional, management, and executive job seekers during her career. Susan can be contacted at susan@theacademies.com.


We “meet” from the comfort of home/office via Zoom for 12 weeks, for 2 hours each time. Total class hours are 30. The beauty of the 12-week program allows you the time and framework to assimilate, practice and execute the new systems, strategies, and communication styles learned. It also allows you to connect with your instructor and cluster-mates.

How much time will you spend in addition to class-time hours? Past participants indicate spending between one to two hours each week for classroom tasks and buddy coaching.

See our calendar or email Rebecca at Rebecca@theacademies.com for upcoming dates and times.

If you wish to participate in 1-on-1 training, the program sessions will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time and can be compressed into a slightly shorter time frame or stretched to a slightly longer time frame–whatever will work best for your schedule.


Open Cluster Format (4-12 classmates): pricing and registration details please click HERE.

Individual format (one-on-one): pricing and registration details please contact Rebecca Potts at Rebecca@theacademies.com or at 559.547.8200.

Private Cohort: pricing and registration details please contact Rebecca Potts at Rebecca@theacademies.com or at 559.547.8200.

Read more about our Policies and Requirements here:

We use Zoom technology for all of our classes.  We highly recommend that you have access to a laptop or computer in order to download files and to download the Zoom app and test it 48 hours prior to your first class.

  • Attendance: Attend at least 10 of the 12 live class sessions
  • Vimify: At the conclusion of the program, participants will be required to finish Vimify (online classroom) tasks with an 80% or more within 10 days of the conclusion of the program.  Your classroom tasks will include one hour of buddy coaching on the even weeks of class along with short daily tasks each odd week for a total of one hour of tasks per week.  If the 80% is not met, the coach will be issued a Certificate of Completion for the course in place of the credential.
  • Client Coaching Log: All coaches are required to submit a coaching log recording 10 hours of coaching throughout the program within four weeks of the conclusion of the program.  Your buddy coaching hours count towards this log.  It is recommended that you begin coaching a leadership client after week 6.
  • Mentor Coaching: 2 group mentor coaching sessions with an Academies PCC-Certified coach are included in the price of the program. Mentor coaching sessions are in groups of two or three and about an hour each.
    • 3 additional individual mentor coaching sessions are available for purchase if you are pursuing an ICF credential (ACC, PCC, or MCC)
    • All mentor coaching (Group and individual if purchased) must be completed within 12 weeks after completion of the 12-week program. Missed sessions, without 24 hours prior notice, are billed. 

Upon completion of the above requirements, coaches will receive a display certificate suitable for framing and rights to use the CLEIC logo.

Should you need to withdraw, the following options are available:

Transfer Option: Should you want to retake the course, with a starting date within 12 months of the original starting date (subject to space availability) – a $100 administrative fee applies and an additional charge equal to the difference in price if the program has increased in investment.

Withdrawal Option: Receive a refund equal to 90% of tuition (if withdrawing before class 3 – note that upon notifying us of withdrawal, we ask you to delete the program handouts website page and any files you have downloaded); no refund available after class 3.

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